Cold Steel: The CJS Podcast

Cold Steel: The CJS Podcast

Hosted by associate editor Ameer Farooq and coeditor in chief Chad Ball, Cold Steel highlights the best research being completed by Canadian surgeons, discusses education topics of interest for surgeons and trainees alike, and provides guidance for career development.

You can find and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitchr, or listen to the episodes using the links below.

Episode 14: We are joined by repeat guests Dr. Morad Hameed (@moradhameed) and Dr. Neil Parry to talk about how surgeons across the country have adapted to COVID-19. We also talk about the impact COVID-19 has had on final-year residents across the country and the basics of COVID-19 management.

Episode 13: Dr. Emilie Joos (@EmilieJoos) is a Canadian leader in global surgery. We interview her about the global response to the Haiti earthquake and challenges in global surgery, and ask her what advice she has for trainees interested in global surgery.

Episode 12: Dr. Philip Dawe is a trauma surgeon at the Vancouver General Hospital. He has a truly unique perspective, having been both a military and civilian trauma surgeon. We talk to him about leadership, what we can learn from the military, and his path to becoming a trauma surgeon.

Episode 11: We connect with Neil Parry, a practicing trauma surgeon in London, Ontario, who breaks down trauma resuscitation, whole blood in Canada, resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta, and pelvic packing. We even delve into duodenal and pancreatic trauma!

Episode 10: In this episode, we talk about a really important topic to trainees: exams! Dr. Tony MacLean is a colorectal surgeon at the Foothills Hospital in Calgary. He is also the new head of the Royal College’s general surgery exam committee. He explains how to prepare for oral examinations, become a competitive applicant for fellowship programs, and get the most out of residency.

Episode 9: Dr. Frances Wright, a surgical oncologist at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, dissects the topic of nodal management of melanoma and talks about her groundbreaking work in IL-2 injections for in-transit disease, her research on the patient-experience in cancer, as well as how to get involved in large, multicentre trials.

Episode 8: Dr. Sav Brar gives a masterclass on gastric cancer. Dr. Brar is a surgical oncologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, specializing in gastric cancer and sarcoma. He is also the new program director for the general surgery residency program in Toronto.

Episode 7: We interview Dr. Paul Grieg — a true legend of transplant surgery. Dr. Greig recently retired from the University of Toronto. He is renowned for developing the transplant program in Toronto and for his teaching of residents and fellows. We talked to him about setting up a transplant program, his thoughts on Competency By Design (CBD) and about how to make a graceful transition to retirement.

Episode 6: We had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Andy Kirkpatrick, a trauma surgeon at the University of Calgary and frequent contributor to CJS. Our discussion focused on some of Dr. Kirpatrick’s unique research interests: telementored ultrasound and space medicine. Buckle up!

Episode 5: We had a blast talking with Dr. Scott Gmora, a minimally invasive and bariatric surgeon in Hamilton, Ontario, about the challenges of surgical training in an era of restricted work hours, and strategies on how to get the most out of surgical training.

Episode 4: We sit down at the Canadian Surgery Forum with Dr. Kelly Vogt, a trauma and acute care surgeon practising in London, Ontario, to discuss the complete caseload of patients for an acute care surgery service and what that means for the evolution of ACS in the future. She also has some advice for starting out in academic surgery.

Episode 3: We interview Dr. Tony Gomes, a community general surgeon in Lethbridge, Alberta, on the CAGS consensus statement on the dissemination of advanced laparoscopic techniques in Canada, professionalism in surgery and “surgical satisfaction.”

Episode 2: We interview Dr. Morad Hameed on process-mapping in acute care surgery. We also get his thoughts on what inspired him to pursue surgery, his reflections on diversity in surgery, and why public health approaches should be adopted by surgeons.

Episode 1: We interview Dr. Robin McLeod, Toronto, Ontario, about her work on Evidence-Based Reviews in Surgery (first published in CJS) as well as about her life, career and advice for trainees.