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Canadian Surgery

  • Congratulations to Dr Robin Mcleod, University of Toronto, on becoming President-elect of the American Surgical Association. Many of the greats of North American surgery have occupied this prestigious position since 1880. Dr Mcleod joins a small group of distinguished Canadians who have attained the honour including Drs. Maclean, Drake, Gallie and Archibald. Dr Mcleod established Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery, published by CJS.
  • The Surgery Journal Editors’ Group is considering this consensus statement which would require authors to include a statement of justification if a single sex is reported in a clinical or experimental study. Comments may be made in a letter to the editor.
  • In memoriam: Dr. Louis Kristal, GP–surgeon, colliery doctor, who was known to the people of New Waterford, Cape Breton, as the “head cutter,” has died at the age of 100 years. Read the CJS editorial on Dr. Kristal and the evolution of surgery in Canada.
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Debate and Consensus

CJS is dedicated to the development of best surgical practice.  The CJS consensus protocol encourages discussion of consensus statements and articles before publication.

We are currently inviting comment on the article “Idle hands? What we know about surgeon unemployment in Canada” by Strickland and Datta. Please send us your comments by submitting an eLetter.

We are currently inviting comment on the article “A solution to gender inequity in surgery? Better caregiving policies” by Acai and colleagues. Please send us your comments by submitting an eLetter.

We are currently inviting comment on the article “Toward late career transitioning: a proposal for academic surgeons” by Richards and colleagues. Please send us your comments by submitting an eLetter.

Sponsoring Societies and Academic Partners

CJS was founded in 1957 by a collaboration of the Canadian Medical Association, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and Canadian university departments of surgery. Dr Robert Janes, President of the Royal College was its first editor. The chairs of the surgical departments made up the first editorial board. Today the following organizations take part in the Academic Program of the Canadian Journal of Surgery:

Canadian Association of General Surgeons
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Canadian Association of Thoracic Surgeons
James IV

Departments of Surgery

McMaster University
University of Calgary
University of Montreal
Université de Sherbrooke
University of Toronto
University of Western Ontario