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Welcome to the online edition of the Canadian Journal of Surgery (CJS). CJS  is an open access journal. The mission of CJS is to contribute to the effective continuing medical education of Canadian surgical specialists, using innovative techniques when feasible, and to provide surgeons with an effective vehicle for the dissemination of observations in the areas of clinical and basic science research. Submissions to CJS must be done using our online manuscript submission system.

All articles published are available, free of charge, on this website as well as on PubMed Central. To receive free copies of the digital version of CJS, sign up for our email alerts.

Canadian Surgery

  • In memoriam: Dr. Tom Starzl (1926–2017). A once-in-a-generation surgical pioneer, Dr. Starzl was a great friend of Canadian surgeons and a mentor for Canadian surgery. Tavvauvutit.
  • In memoriam: Dr. Thomas D McLarty (1925–2017) was a Canadian pioneer of minimally invasive surgery and a mentor to several generations of physicians and surgeons from Southwest Ontario. Dr. McLarty, always known as the surgeon “with good hands,” combined a career in surgery with one as a farmer, which probably explains his reputation as a practical innovator. His publications are available here.
  • In memoriam: Jean Couture (1924 – 2016), chevalier de l’Ordre national du Québec et membre de l’Ordre du Canada. Dr Couture was chairman of surgery at Université Laval, chief of surgery at l’Hôpital du Saint-Sacrement, president of the Canadian Association of General Surgeons (CAGS) and president of the Royal College. As president of CAGS, he secured sponsorship by specialty surgical societies of this journal that continues today as the CJS academic program. His CJS publications are available here.

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Debate and Consensus

CJS is dedicated to the development of best surgical practice.  The CJS consensus protocol encourages discussion of consensus statements and articles before publication. The following article is currently in-progress:

CJS Debate: Mammography is useful in average risk screening for breast cancer

Please send your comments to cjs@cma.ca. You must include article name in the subject and your name(s) plus affiliation(s) in the message. Your comments will be sent anonymously to the authors in the same way that referees reviews are sent. You will be acknowledged in the annual list of CJS reviewers but will not receive any other communication.

Sponsoring Societies and Academic Partners

CJS was founded in 1957 by a collaboration of the Canadian Medical Association, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and Canadian university departments of surgery. Dr Robert Janes, President of the Royal College was its first editor. The chairs of the surgical departments made up the first editorial board. Today the following organizations take part in the Academic Program of the Canadian Journal of Surgery:

Departments of Surgery

University of Toronto, Department of Surgery