May – June 2020 • Mai – Juin 2020

Can J Surg 2020 May-June;63(3)

Editorial • Éditorial

Medical research during a pandemic
C.G. Ball, E.J. Harvey

La recherche médicale en temps de pandémie
C.G. Ball, E.J. Harvey

Commentary • Commentaire

Surgical wait list management in Canada during a pandemic: many challenges ahead
S.M. Wiseman, R.T. Crump, J.M. Sutherland

Prioritizing resident and patient safety while maintaining educational value: emergency restructuring of a Canadian surgical residency program during COVID-19
N. Gawad, C. Towaij, Tommy Stuleanu, C. Garcia-Ochoa, L.J. Williams

Research • Recherche

Distress in orthopedic trainees and attending surgeons: a Canadian national survey
C.M. Kollias, T. Okoro, T.V. Tufescu, V. Wadey

Guided-motion hinged knee replacement prosthesis: early survival rate and postoperative patient function and satisfaction
D.L. Perrin, T.R. Turgeon

Total hip arthroplasty in patients with fibrous dysplasia: a modern update
S. Garceau, Y. Warschawski, O. Safir, A. Gross, J. Wolfstadt, P. Kuzyk

Morbidity and mortality conferences in general surgery: a narrative systematic review
N. Slater, P. Sekhon, N. Bradley, F. Shariff, J. Bedford, H. Wong, C.J. Chiu, E.  Joos, C.G. Ball, M. Hameed

Enhanced recovery after video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery lobectomy: a prospective, historically controlled, propensity-matched clinical study
M Tahiri, E. Goudie, A. Jouquan, J. Martin, P. Ferraro, M. Liberman

Diagnosis and management of acute cholecystitis: a single-centre audit of guideline adherence and patient outcomes
A.E. Giles, S. Godzisz, R. Nenshi, S. Forbes, F. Farrokhyar, J. Lee, C. Eskicioglu

The relationship between postoperative opioid consumption and the incidence of hypoxemic events following total hip arthroplasty: a post hoc analysis
M.N. Essex, F. Camu, A. Borgeat, P.A. Salomon, S. Pan, R. Cheung

Improved precision of radiographic measurements for distal radius fractures after a technique-teaching tutorial
S. Fox, G. Johnston, S. Stewart

Visceral artery pseudoaneurysm in necrotizing pancreatitis: incidence and outcomes
T.K. Maatman, M.A. Heimberger, K.A. Lewellen, A.M. Roch, C.L. Colgate, M.G. House, A. Nakeeb, E.P. Ceppa, C.M. Schmidt, N.J. Zyromski

Waste and recycling among orthopedic subspecialties
S. Kooner, C. Hewison, S. Sridharan, J. Lui, G. Matthewson, H. Johal, M. Clark

Surgeon clinical practice variation and patient preferences during the informed consent discussion: a mixed-methods analysis in lumbar spine surgery
A. Zahrai, K. Bhanot, X.Y. Mei, E. Crawford, Z. Tan, A. Yee, V. Palda

Sustainability of an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery initiative for elective colorectal resections in a community hospital
A. Norman, K. Mahoney, E. Ballah, J. Pridham, C. Smith, P. Parfrey

Opioid use trends in patients undergoing elective thoracic and lumbar spine surgery
A. Stratton, E. Wai, S. Kingwell, P. Phan, D. Roffey, M. El Koussy, S. Christie, P. Jarzem, P. Rasoulinejad, S. Casha, J. Paquet, M. Johnson, E. Abraham, H. Hall, G. McIntosh, K. Thomas, R. Rampersaud, N. Manson, C. Fisher

Traumatic spinal cord injuries among Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations of Saskatchewan: a prospective outcomes study
S.U. Ahmed, S. Humphreys, C. Rivers, M. Jeffrey, D.R. Fourney

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

The “teaching time-out”: a novel framework for surgical education
K. Guidolin, H. Yan, F. Quereshy

Reducing time from colon cancer surgery to initiation of adjuvant chemotherapy: pilot project
B. Melosky, R.D. Peixoto, A.A. Karimuddin, M.J. Raval, C.J. Brown, A. Meneghetti, P.T. Phang

Leadership proficiency in surgery: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic
D.H. Hirpara, B. Taylor

Postoperative fever in the time of COVID-19
J. Bourget-Murray, B.J. Heard, R. Bansal, A.S. Johnson, J. Powell

Interventional radiology-assisted transgastric endoscopic drainage of peripancreatic fluid collections
J. Hawel, H. McFadgen, R. Stewart, T. El-Ghazaly, A. Alawashez, J. Ellsmere

Humanistic education in surgery: a “patient as teacher” program for surgical clerkship
J. Simpson, S. Ng, E. Kangasjarvi, C. Kalocsai, A. Hindle, A. Kumagai, T. Cil, D. Fenech, N. Ahmed, O. Rotstein

Operating during COVID-19: Is there a risk of viral transmission from surgical smoke during surgery?
P. Vourtzoumis, N. Alkhamesi, A. Elnahas, J.E. Hawel, C. Schlachta