October 2019 • Octobre 2019

Can J Surg 2019;62(5)

Editorial • Éditorial

Gender (and other) equity, diversity and inclusion in surgery
E.J. Harvey, C.G. Ball

Égalité entre les sexes (et autres identités), diversité et inclusion en chirurgie
E.J. Harvey, C.G. Ball

Review * Revue

Patient willingness to contribute to the cost of novel implants in total joint arthroplasty: the Canadian experience
A. Fuhrmann, R. Batash, R. Schwarzkopf, D. Backstein

Research • Recherche

Impact of preoperative mental health status on functional outcome 1 year after total hip arthroplasty
P. Jaiswal, P. Railton, H. Khong, C. Smith, J. Powell

A quality-improvement approach to effective trauma team activation
K. Verhoeff, R. Saybel, V. Fawcett, B. Tsang, P. Mathura, S. Widder

Predictive factors for diabetes remission after bariatric surgery
J.T. Dang, C. Sheppard, D. Kim, N. Switzer, X. Shi, C. Tian, C. de Gara, S. Karmali, D.W. Birch

Association between socioeconomic deprivation and surgical complications in adults undergoing ankle fracture fixation: a population-based analysis
J.I. Wolfstadt, D. Pincus, H.J. Kreder, D. Wasserstein

The fate of laparoscopic adjustable gastric band removal
V. Falk, C. Sheppard, A. Kanji, D. Birch, S. Karmali, C. de Gara

Tumour budding predicts increased recurrence after curative resection for T2N0 colorectal cancer
R. Garfinkle, L. Lee, M. Boutros, M.-J. Cardin, A. Spatz, N. Morin

How accurate are we? A comparison of resident and staff physician billing knowledge and exposure to billing education during residency training
R.E. Austin, H.P. von Schroeder

Selective nonoperative management of penetrating abdominal trauma at a level 1 Canadian trauma centre: a quest for perfection
R. Habashi, A. Coates, P.T. Engels

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Association of recreational drug consumption, cardiac toxicity and heart transplantation
M. Carrier, G. Giraldeau, M.-C. Parent, A. Ducharme

A survey of Canadian breast health professionals’ recommendations for high-risk benign breast disease
C. Kappel, J. Seely, J. Watters, A. Arnaout, E. Cordeiro