June 2019 • Juin 2019

Can J Surg 2019;62(3)

Editorial • Éditorial

mHealth and the change it represents
E.J. Harvey

La médecine mobile et les changements qu’elle représente
E.J. Harvey

Research • Recherche

Development of a cumulative teaching score for tracking surgeon performance in undergraduate medical education
C.C. Moon, S. Raju, G. Christakis

Effect of the Trauma Evaluation and Management module on the knowledge of senior medical students: a prospective cohort study
Y. Almarhabi, A. Subki, M. Alsallum, M. Albeshri, A.M. Mukhtar

Complex abdominal wall hernias as a barrier to quality of life in cancer survivors
R. Nenshi, C. Bensimon, T. Wood, F. Wright, A.J. Smith, F. Brenneman

Variability among Canadian pediatric surgeons and pediatric urologists in the management of cryptorchidism in boys before the publication of major guidelines: a retrospective review of a single tertiary centre
J.K. Kim, M.E. Chua, J.M. Ming, M.J. Lee, A. Kesavan, N. Kahn, J.C. Langer, A. Lorenzo, D. Bagli, W.A. Farhat, F. Papanikolaou, M.A. Koyle

Evaluation of the effectiveness of an enhanced recovery after surgery program using data from the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program
L.M. Gresham, M. Sadiq, G. Gresham, M. McGrath, K. Lacelle, M. Szeto, J. Trickett, D. Schramm, E. Pearsall, M. McKenzie, R. McLeod, R.C. Auer

Short stay total joint arthroplasty program: patient factors predicting readmission
S. Lalonde, G.C.A. Wood

The impact of delayed source control and antimicrobial therapy in 196 patients with cholecystitis-associated septic shock: a cohort analysis
C.J. Karvellas, V. Dong, J.G. Abraldes, E.L.W. Lester, A. Kumar

Review • Revue

Surgical outcomes of chronic isolated scapholunate interosseous ligament injuries: a systematic review of 805 wrists
S.J. Montgomery, N.J. Rollick, J.F. Kubik, A.R. Meldrum, N.J. White

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Decisional conflict in surgical patients: Should surgeons care?
M. Roy, C.B. Novak, D.R. Urbach, S.J. McCabe, H.P. von Schroeder, K. Okrainec

CMA award • Prix de l’AMC

Transplant surgeon dedicates last decade of career to the Canadian military

Un chirurgien spécialiste de la transplantation consacre la dernière décennie de sa carrière à l’armée canadienne

Online letters • Lettres en ligne

The road to gender equity in surgery is long
E. Tannenbaum, M. Farrugia

Author response
A. Acai, S.E. Reid, R.R. Sonnadara