October 2018 • Octobre 2018

Can J Surg 2018;61(5)

Editorial • Éditorial

Access to surgery is not an election priority
E.J. Harvey

L’accès à la chirurgie n’est pas une priorité électorale
E.J. Harvey

Commentary * Commentaire

Oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery in Canada: breaking new ground in general surgical training
L. Peiris, D. Olson, K. Dabbs

Indigenous health disparities: a challenge and an opportunity
A. Lafontaine

History of surgery: First World War
Histoire de la chirurgie : Première Guerre Mondiale

Message in a bottle: the discovery of a young medical officer’s map from the 1917 Battle of Hill 70
M. Kryshtalskyj, J. Vance, C. McAlister

Review • Revue

Peripheral artery disease among Indigenous Canadians: What do we know?
C. Bonneau, N.R. Caron, M.A. Hussain, A. Kayssi, S. Verma, M. Al-Omran

Can pain catastrophizing be changed in surgical patients? A scoping review
E. Gibson, M.T. Sabo

Research • Recherche

Retirement plans and perspectives among general surgeons: a qualitative assessment
L. Gotlib Conn, F.C. Wright

Development of a simple multidisciplinary arthroplasty wound-assessment instrument: the SMArt Wound Tool
S. Singh Kooner, B. Sheehan, J.K. Kendal, H. Johal

Role of the status of the mesorectal fascia in the selection of patients with rectal cancer for preoperative radiation therapy: a retrospective cohort study
M. Simunovic, V. Grubac, K. Zbuk, R. Wong, A. Coates

e-Consent: approaching surgical consent with mobile technology
A. Bethune, M. Davila-Foyo, M. Valli, L. da Costa

Physical fitness of medical residents: Is the health of surgical residents at risk?
D.L. Perrin, D.M. Cordingley, J.R. Leiter, P.B. MacDonald

Outcomes of hip and knee total joint arthroplasty in a Canadian inmate population over a 10-year period
G. Wood, S. Lalonde, K. Walsh, K. Harper

Acute kidney injury following resection of hepatocellular carcinoma: prognostic value of the acute kidney injury network criteria
A.K. Bressan, M.T. James, E. Dixon, O.F. Bathe, F.R. Sutherland, C.G. Ball

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Prevalence of risky driving behaviours on popular television series
A. Tien, P. Chu, L. Tremblay

Multidisciplinary in-situ simulation to evaluate a rare but high-risk process at a level 1 trauma centre: the “Mega-Sim” approach
N.L. Bradley, K. Innes, C. Dakin, A. Sawka, N. Lakha, S.M. Hameed

Letters • Lettres

Response to: Propofol administration by endoscopists versus anesthesiologists in gastrointestinal endoscopy: a systematic review and meta-analysis of patient safety outcomes
R. Byrick, D. Pitt

Author response
J.F. Daza, C.M. Tan, I. Yang