April 2016 • Avril 2016

Can J Surg 2015;59(2)

Editorial • Éditorial

Caregiver fatigue and surrogate end-of-life decision making
V.C. McAlister

La fatigue des aidants et la prise de décisions en fin de vie par autrui
V.C. McAlister

Commentaries • Commentaires

Trauma simulation in bilingual Canada: Insurmountable barrier or unexpected strength? Insights from the first bilingual S.T.A.R.T.T. course
L.M. Gillman, S. Widder, J. Clément, P.T. Engels, J.D. Paton-Gay, P.G. Brindley

Canadian Association of General Surgeons position statement: recommendations for surgeons with blood-borne communicable diseases
S. Cleary, K. Doucette, C.J. Doig, C. Coffin, D. Grant, E. Dixon

Research • Recherche

Teaching surgery takes time: the impact of surgical education on time in the operating room
C. Vinden, R. Malthaner, J. McGee, J.A. McClure, J. Winick-Ng, K. Liu, D.M. Nash, B. Welk, L. Dubois

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy at a new bariatric surgery centre in Canada: 30-day complication rates using the Clavien–Dindo classification
V. Falk, L. Twells, D. Gregory, R. Murphy, C. Smith, D. Boone, D. Pace

A Canadian population-based description of the indications for lower-extremity amputations and outcomes
A. Kayssi, C. de Mestral, T.L. Forbes, G. Roche-Nagle

Are patients willing to pay for total shoulder arthroplasty? Evidence from a discrete choice experiment
N.N. O’Hara, G.P. Slobogean, T. Mohammadi, C.A. Marra, M.R. Vicente, A. Khakban, M.D. McKee

The relevance of preoperative ultrasound cervical mapping in patients with thyroid cancer
D. Kocharyan, F. Schwenter, M. Bélair, E. Nassif

Very early initiation of chemical venous thromboembolism prophylaxis after blunt solid organ injury is safe
P.B. Murphy, N. Sothilingam, T. Charyk Stewart, B. Batey, B. Moffat, D.K. Gray, N.G. Parry, K.N. Vogt

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Ankle Osteoarthritis Scale for use in French-speaking populations
M. Angers, A. Svotelis, F. Balg, J.-P. Allard

Review • Revue

Clinical practice guideline: management of acute pancreatitis
J.A. Greenberg, J. Hsu, M. Bawazeer, J. Marshall, J.O. Friedrich, A. Nathens,
N. Coburn, G.R. May, E. Pearsall, R.S. McLeod

Discussions in Surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Surgeon unemployment: Would practice sharing be a viable solution?
E. Wakeam, S. Feinberg

History of Surgery • Histoire de la chirurgie

Dr. William Waugh (1851–1936): promoter of change in nineteenth century medical education and practice
S. McKellar

Online Correspondence •  Correspondance en ligne

Apples and oranges
C. Vinden

Apples and oranges – Author response
D.R. Urbach, A. Malik, T. A. Stukel, C.M. Bell

Letter to the Editor
J. Kornelsen, K. McCartney

Letter to the Editor – Author Response
C. Vinden, M. Ott