February 2016 • Février 2016

Can J Surg 2016;59(1)

Editorial • Éditorial

Winds of change in delivery of quality surgical care are not strong enough
E.J. Harvey

Pour la prestation de soins chirurgicaux de qualité, le vent du changement ne souffle pas assez fort
E.J. Harvey

Commentary • Commentaire

Point of care ultrasonography use and training among trauma providers across Canada
E.M. AlEassa, M.T. Ziesmann, A.W. Kirkpatrick, C.L. Wurster, L.M. Gillman

S.T.A.R.T.T. plus: addition of prehospital personnel to a national multidisciplinary crisis resource management trauma team training course
L.M. Gillman, D. Martin, P.T. Engels, P. Brindley, S. Widder, C. French

Research • Recherche

Does ultrasongraphy predict intraoperative findings at cholecystectomy? An institutional review
S. Stogryn, J. Metcalfe, A. Vergis, K. Hardy

Recurrence of inguinal hernias repaired in a large hernia surgical specialty hospital and general hospitals in Ontario, Canada
A. Malik, C.M. Bell, T.A. Stukel, D.R. Urbach

Working toward reducing postoperative fracture radiographs: a survey of Canadian surgeons
T. Tufescu

Discrepancy between gastroenterologists’ and general surgeons’ perspectives on repeat endoscopy in colorectal cancer
A. Azin, M.C. Jimenez, M.C. Cleghorn, T.D. Jackson, A. Okrainec, P.G. Rossos, F.A. Quereshy

Trauma care and referral patterns in Rwanda: implications for trauma system development
G. Ntakiyiruta, E.G. Wong, M.C. Rousseau, L. Ruhungande, A.L. Kushner, A.S. Liberman, K. Khwaja, M. Dakermandji, M. Wilson, T. Razek, P. Kyamanywa, D.L. Deckelbaum

Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among orthopedic trauma surgeons: an OTA survey
S.M. AlQahtani, M.M. Alzahrani, E.J. Harvey

Mid-term survivorship and clinical outcomes of cobalt-chrome and oxidized zirconium on highly crosslinked polyethylene
S.M. Petis, E.M. Vasarhelyi, B.A. Lanting, J.L. Howard, D.D.R. Naudie, L.E. Somerville, R.W. McCalden

Review • Revue

Prevention of perineal hernia after laparoscopic and robotic abdominoperineal resection: review with illustrative case series of internal hernia through pelvic mesh
G. Melich, D.R. Lim, H. Hur, B.S. Min, S.H. Baik, G.O. Arena, P.H. Gordon, N.K. Kim

Discussions in Surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Financial costs and patients’ perceptions of medical tourism in bariatric surgery
D.H. Kim, C.E. Sheppard, C.J. de Gara, S. Karmali, D.W. Birch

CJS debate: Is mammography useful in average-risk screening for breast cancer?
M. Brackstone, S. Latosinsky, E. Saettler, R. George

Elimination of 24-hour continuous medical resident duty in Quebec
F. Hamadani, D. Deckelbaum, M. Shaheen, A. Sauvé, S. Dumitra, N. Ahmed, J.-F. Latulippe, F. Balaa, M. Walsh, P. Fata

Reviewers 2015 • Examinateurs 2015

Reviewers 2015

Online Correspondence • Correspondance en ligne

Evaluating if colonoscopies are essential after a diverticulitis diagnosis
J. Herron, S. Harrison, S. Casans, A. Gilliam, L. Marrow, A. Mejsak, M. Charnley, A. Aftab

Evaluating if colonoscopies are essential after a diverticulitis diagnosis – Author Response
G. Ou, G. Rosenfeld, B. Bressler

Operative or nonoperative management of Hinchey III purulent acute diverticulitis?
R. Costi, A. Zarzavadjian le Bian, C. Smadja, V. Violi

Re: Recurrence of inguinal hernias repaired in a large surgical specialty hospital and general hospitals in Ontario, Canada
R. Bendavid