October 2015 • Octobre 2015

Can J Surg 2015;58(5)

Editorial • Éditorial

Why is Ontario becoming a have not medical province?
E.J. Harvey

Pourquoi l’Ontario devient-elle une province déficiente sur le plan médical?
E.J. Harvey

Commentary • Commentaire

A small grant funding program to promote innovation at an academic research hospital
K. Orrell, R. Yankanah, E. Heon, J.G. Wright

Are surgeons happy in practice? Examining a quarter-century of Alberta’s surgical graduates
C. Frayn, V. Masson, S. Erichsen, J. White

Research • Recherche

Evaluating the reliability of surgical assessment methods in an orthopedic residency program
N. Smith, J. Harnett, A. Furey

Diagnosis of VTE postdischarge for major abdominal and pelvic oncologic surgery: implications for a change in practice
H. Alsubaie, C. Leggett, P. Lambert, J. Park, D. Hochman, D. Wirtzfeld, A. McKay

Perioperative factors predicting poor outcome in elderly patients following emergency general surgery: a multivariate regression analysis
M.C. Lees, S. Merani, K.Tauh, R.G. Khadaroo

Intraoperative ultrasonography and surgical strategy in hepatic resection: What difference does it make?
R. Jrearz, R. Hart, S. Jayaraman

Patient views on financial relationships between surgeons and surgical device manufacturers
M.W. Camp, A.E. Gross, M.F. McKneally

Endoscopy services and training: a national survey of general surgeons
D. Skubleny, N. Switzer, S. Karmali, C. de Gara

Review • Revue

Impact of the age of stored blood on trauma patient mortality: a systematic review
N. Sowers, P.C. Froese, M. Erdogan, R.S. Green

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Assessing personal contributions in global surgery: By whose yardstick?
G. Hollaar, R. Taylor

Bougie dilators: simple, safe and cost-effective treatment for Crohn’s-related fibrotic anal strictures
S.B. Kashkooli, S. Samanta, M. Rouhani, S. Akbarzadeh, F. Saibil

Users’ guide to the surgical literature: how to perform a high-quality literature search
D. Waltho, M.N. Kaur, R.B. Haynes, F. Farrokhyar, A. Thoma


Correction: Medical mentorship in Afghanistan: How are military mentors perceived by Afghan health care providers?