Supplement: The Canadian Armed Forces Supplement on Military Medicine: Caring for the Wounded in the Future

Foreword • Avant-propos

Col H. Tien

Col H. Tien

Introductions • Introduction

BGen J.-R. Bernier

BGén J.-R. Bernier

Commentary • Commentaire

In memoriam — Erin Savage, MD, CCFP(EM) Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Canadian Medical Service
LCol C. Forestier

The need for a robust 24/7 subspecialty “clearing house” response for telementored trauma care
Maj A.W. Kirkpatrick, D. Hamilton, Maj A. Beckett, A. LaPorta, S. Brien, Col E. Glassberg, C.G. Ball, D.J. Roberts, Col H. Tien

Technical innovations that may facilitate real-time telementoring of damage control surgery in austere environments: a proof of concept comparative evaluation of the importance of surgical experience, telepresence, gravity and mentoring in the conduct of damage control laparotomies
Maj A.W. Kirkpatrick, A. LaPorta, S. Brien, T. Leslie, Col E. Glassberg, J. McKee, C.G. Ball, H.E. Wright Beatty, J. Keillor, D.J. Roberts, Col H. Tien

Review • Revue

Advances in damage control resuscitation and surgery: implications on the organization of future military field forces
Col H. Tien, Maj A. Beckett, LCol N. Garraway, LCol M. Talbot, Capt D. Pannell, T. Alabbasi

Research • Recherche

Medical mentorship in Afghanistan: How are military mentors perceived by Afghan health care providers?
Maj A. Beckett, R. Fowler, N.K.J. Adhikari, L. Hawryluck, T. Razek, Col H. Tien

Cervical spine injury in dismounted improvised explosive device trauma
J. Taddeo, Maj M. Devine, LCol V.C. McAlister

Blunt splenic injury and severe brain injury: a decision analysis and implications for care
T. Alabbasi, A.B. Nathens, Col H. Tien

Needle thoracostomy for tension pneumothorax: the Israeli Defense Forces experience
LTC J. Chen, Capt R. Nadler, Maj D. Schwartz, Col H. Tien, LTC A.P. Cap, Col E.Glassberg

Current use of live tissue training in trauma: a descriptive systematic review
L.T. da Luz, B. Nascimento, Col H. Tien, M.J. Kim, A.B. Nathens, S. Vlachos,
Col E. Glassberg

Acute nontraumatic general surgical conditions on a combat deployment
Capt D. Pannell, A.B. Nathens, Col J. Ricard, LCol E. Savage, Col H. Tien

Factors affecting mortality of pediatric trauma patients encountered in Kandahar, Afghanistan
Capt D. Pannell, J. Poynter, P.W. Wales, Col H. Tien, A.B. Nathens, D. Shellington

The Canadian Armed Forces medical response to Typhoon Haiyan
LCol E. Savage, Maj M.D. Christian, Maj S. Smith, Capt D. Pannell

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Fresh whole blood transfusion capability for Special Operations Forces
Maj A. Beckett, J. Callum, L.T. da Luz, J. Schmid, C. Funk, Col E. Glassberg, Col H. Tien