December 2014 • Décembre 2014

Can J Surg 2014;57(6)

Editorial • Éditorial

Surgery in patients with Ebola virus disease
V. McAlister

La chirurgie chez le patient atteint de la maladie à virus Ebola
V. McAlister

Commentary • Commentaire

Classifying outcomes of care for injured patients
N. Bell, B. Sobolev, A. Townson, D.C. Evans, H. Anton, R.K. Simons

Research • Recherche

“I’ve never asked one question.” Understanding the barriers among orthopedic surgery residents to screening female patients for intimate partner violence
L. Gotlib Conn, A. Young, O.D. Rotstein, E. Schemitsch

Management and outcomes of small bowel obstruction in older adult patients: a prospective cohort study
J.E. Springer, J.G. Bailey, P.J.B. Davis, P.M. Johnson

Self-reported practice patterns and knowledge of rectal cancer care among Canadian general surgeons
D.P. Richardson, G.A. Porter, P.M. Johnson

Can the Blaylock Risk Assessment Screening Score (BRASS) predict length of hospital stay and need for comprehensive discharge planning for patients following hip and knee replacement surgery? Predicting arthroplasty planning and stay using the BRASS
D. Cunic, S. Lacombe, K. Mohajer, H. Grant, G. Wood

The location of surgical care for rural patients with rectal cancer: patterns of treatment and patient perspectives
M.C. Nostedt, A.M. McKay, D.J. Hochman, D.A. Wirtzfeld, C.S. Yaffe, B. Yip, R. Silverman, J. Park

Anastomotic salvage after rectal cancer resection using the Turnbull–Cutait delayed anastomosis
J. Hallet, A. Bouchard, S. Drolet, H. Milot, E. Desrosiers, A. Lebrun, R.C. Grégoire

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Getting by with less — the “frugal tie”
J. Rizkallah, J.M. Rothschild, D.V. Exner

Evidence-Based Surgery

What is the diagnostic value of C-reactive protein for the prediction and the exclusion of postoperative infectious complication after colorectal surgery?
P.K. Chaudhury, M.G. Jeschke, J.R. Monson; Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group

How to optimize participant retention and complete follow-up in surgical research
M. Kaur, S. Sprague, T. Ignacy, A. Thoma, M. Bhandari, F. Farrokhyar