October 2014 • Octobre 2014

Can J Surg 2014;57(5)

Editorial • Éditorial

Closer to private health care options?
E.J. Harvey

Se rapprocherait-on de modèles de soins de santé privés ?
E.J. Harvey

Commentary • Commentaire

C. Barber Mueller: appreciation
J. Meakins

An innovative paradigm for surgical education programs in resource-limited settings
D.L. Deckelbaum, A. Gosselin-Tardif, G. Ntakiyiruta, S. Liberman, M. Vassiliou, E. Rwamasirabo, E. Gasakure, P. Fata, K. Khwaja, T. Razek, P. Kyamanywa

Research • Recherche

Decreased heart rate variability in surgeons during night shifts
I. Amirian, L.T. Andersen, J. Rosenberg, I. Gögenur

Inconsistencies between navigation data and radiographs in total knee arthroplasty are system-dependent and affect coronal alignment
A. Carli, A. Aoude, A. Reuven, B. Matache,J. Antoniou, D.J. Zukor

Management of the open abdomen using combination therapy with ABRA and ABThera systems
A.N. Mukhi, S. Minor

Surgical management of symptomatic hydatid liver disease: experience from a Western centre
G. Martel, S. Ismail, A. Bégin, F. Vandenbroucke-Menu, R. Lapointe

Comparison of stable and unstable pertrochanteric femur fractures managed with 2- and 4-hole side plates
R.P. Baird, P. O’Brien, D. Cruickshank

Laparoscopic right hemicolectomy with complete mesocolic excision provides acceptable perioperative outcomes but is lengthy — analysis of learning curves for a novice minimally invasive surgeon
G. Melich, D.H. Jeong, H. Hur, S.H. Baik, J. Faria, N.K. Kim, B.S. Min

The clinical importance of different localizations of the papilla associated with juxtapapillary duodenal diverticula
B. Ozogul, G. Ozturk, A. Kisaoglu, B. Aydinli, M. Yildirgan, S.S. Atamanalp

Factors affecting transfusion requirement after hip fracture: Can we reduce the need for blood?
S.J. Desai, K.S. Wood, J. Marsh, D. Bryant, H. Abdo, A.-R. Lawendy, D.W. Sanders

Emergency surgery for colorectal cancer does not result in nodal understaging compared with elective surgery
S.V. Patel, S.V.B. Patel, M. Brackstone

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Trauma Non-Technical Training (TNT-2): the development, piloting and multilevel assessment of a simulation-based, interprofessional curriculum for team-based trauma resuscitation
A.G. Doumouras, I. Keshet, A.B. Nathens, N. Ahmed, C.M. Hicks

Percutaneous drainage of Morel-Lavallée lesions when the diagnosis is delayed
B. Zhong, C. Zhang, C.-F. Luo

Evidence-Based Surgery

Is early transfusion of plasma and platelets in higher ratios associated with decreased in-hospital mortality in bleeding patients?
A.W. Kirkpatrick, C.G. Ball, J. Duchesne, K. Pavenski; Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group


Correction to — Low-intensity pulsed ultrasonography versus electrical stimulation for fracture healing: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

Correspondence • Correspondance

The shortcoming and deficiency in “Attempting primary closure for all open fractures: the effectiveness of an institutional protocol”
Y. Liu, Y. Zhang

The shortcoming and deficiency in “Attempting primary closure for all open fractures: the effectiveness of an institutional protocol” – Author response
E.J. Harvey

Regarding “Factors affecting the relative age effect in NHL athletes”
P. Guy

Regarding “Factors affecting the relative age effect in NHL athletes” – Author response
C. Parent-Harvey

Medical student–run education: the next steps
K. Walsh

A not-so-systematic review
P. Heeckt, H. Goost, S.S. Lin, T.O. McKinley, S. Mehta, Y. Mikuni-Takagaki

A not-so-systematic review – The authors respond
S. Ebrahim, B. Mollon, S. Bance, J.W. Busse, M. Bhandari