August 2014 • Août 2014

Can J Surg 2014;57(4)

Editorial • Éditorial

No specialty alone: the Wilder Penfield strategy
V. McAlister

Aucune spécialité n’est une île : la stratégie de Wilder Penfield
V. McAlister

Commentary • Commentaire

Enhancing medical students’ education and careers in global surgery
A. Gosselin-Tardif, G. Butler-Laporte, M. Vassiliou, K. Khwaja, G. Ntakiyiruta, P. Kyamanywa, T. Razek, D.L. Deckelbaum

The validity of surgical simulation
R.A. Agha, A.J. Fowler

Balancing surgical innovation with cost and efficiency
S. Jayaraman

#Nomoretextbooks? The impact of rapid communications technologies on medical education
A. Farooq, J. White

Research • Recherche

How to assess communication, professionalism, collaboration and the other intrinsic CanMEDS roles in orthopedic residents: use of an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)
T. Dwyer, S. Glover Takahashi, M. Kennedy Hynes, J. Herold, D. Wasserstein, M. Nousiainen, P. Ferguson, V. Wadey, M.L. Murnaghan, T. Leroux, J. Semple, B. Hodges, D. Ogilvie-Harris

Parathyroid hormone levels 1 hour after thyroidectomy: an early predictor of postoperative hypocalcemia
A. AlQahtani, A. Parsyan, R. Payne, R. Tabah

Functional outcome of supracondylar elbow fractures in children: a 3- to 5-year follow-up
A.D. Isa, A. Furey, C. Stone

Comparison of cast materials for the treatment of congenital idiopathic clubfoot using the Ponseti method: a prospective randomized controlled trial
C. Hui, E. Joughin, A. Nettel-Aguirre, S. Goldstein, J. Harder, G. Kiefer, D. Parsons, C. Brauer, J. Howard

Computed tomography features associated with operative management for nonstrangulating small bowel obstruction
R.R. Suri, P. Vora, J.M. Kirby, L. Ruo

The historic predictive value of Canadian orthopedic surgery residents’ orthopedic in-training examination scores on their success on the RCPSC certification examination
D. Yen, G.S. Athwal, G. Cole

Bridging the gap between open and minimally invasive pancreaticoduodenectomy: the hybrid approach
Y. Wang, S. Bergman, S. Piedimonte, T. Vanounou

The accuracy of the Alvarado score in predicting acute appendicitis in the black South African population needs to be validated
V.Y. Kong, S. Van Der Linde, C. Aldous, J.J. Handley, D.L. Clarke

Health-related quality of life following decompression compared to decompression and fusion for degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis: a Canadian multicentre study
Y.R. Rampersaud, C. Fisher, A. Yee, M.F. Dvorak, J. Finkelstein, E. Wai, E. Abraham, S.J. Lewis, D. Alexander, W. Oxner

Oncoplastic reduction using the vertical scar superior-medial pedicle pattern technique for immediate partial breast reconstruction
Y. Barnea, A. Inbal, D. Barsuk, T. Menes, A. Zaretski, D. Leshem, J. Weiss, S. Schneebaum, E. Gur

Review • Revue

End-to-end ductal anastomosis in biliary reconstruction: indications and limitations
B. Jabłonska

Systematic review on the inclusion of patients with cognitive impairment in hip fracture trials: a missed opportunity?
S. Mundi, H. Chaudhry, M. Bhandari

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Technique to achieve the symmetry of the new inframammary fold
M. Pozzi, G. Zoccali, E.M. Buccheri, R. de Vita

Users’ guide to the surgical literature: how to evaluate clinical practice guidelines
C.J. Coroneos, S.H. Voineskos, S.D. Cornacchi, C.H. Goldsmith, T.A. Ignacy, A. Thoma

Use of a novel energy technology for arresting ongoing liver surface and laceration hemorrhage
C.G. Ball

Correspondence • Correspondance

What would I want for my surgery?
M. van Dijk

A century of breast surgery: from radical to minimal
G.S. Mannu, A. Bhalerao


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