June 2014 • Juin 2014

Can J Surg 2014;57(3)

Editorial • Éditorial

Choosing Wisely (and carefully) Canada
E.J. Harvey

Choisir avec soin (et sensément)
E.J. Harvey

Commentary • Commentaire

Review of a medical student–run surgery lecture series and skills lab curriculum
J.Z. Li, S.C.Y. Chan, M. Au, J. Hoogenes,T. Chan, K. Li, S. Reid

Single incision laparoscopic surgery in Canadian children
C. Botkin, R. Keijzer, K. Milbrandt

Research • Recherche

Factors affecting the relative age effect in NHL athletes
C.I. Parent-Harvey, C. Desjardins, E.J. Harvey

Does ultrasonography accurately diagnose acute cholecystitis? Improving diagnostic accuracy based on a review at a regional hospital
H. Hwang, I. Marsh, J. Doyle

Minimally displaced clavicle fracture after high-energy injury: Are they likely to displace?
J.T. Riehl, B.J. Athans, M.W. Munro, J.R. Langford, S.J. Kupiszewski,
G.J. Haidukewych, K.J. Koval

Intraoperative systemic lidocaine for pre-emptive analgesics in subtotal gastrectomy: a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study
J.H. Yon, G.J. Choi, H. Kang, J.-M. Park, H.S. Yang

The effects on oxidative DNA damage of lapa roscopic gastric band applications in morbidly obese patients
A. Kocael, H. Erman, K. Zengin, P.C.A. Kocael, G.G. Korkmaz, R. Gelisgen, M. Taskin, Y. Ersan, H. Uzun

A comparison of the modified Tokuhashi and Tomita scores in determining prognosis for patients afflicted with spinal metastasis
A. Aoude, L.-P. Amiot

The impact of an acute care surgery clinical care pathway for suspected appendicitis on the use of CT in the emergency department
C.G. Ball, E. Dixon, A.R. MacLean, G.G. Kaplan, L. Nicholson, F.R. Sutherland

Differences in telomerase activity between colon and rectal cancer
G.D. Ayiomamitis, G. Notas, A. Zaravinos, A. Zizi-Sermpetzoglou,
M. Georgiadou, O. Sfakianaki, E. Kouroumallis

Outcomes following surgical treatment of periprosthetic femur fractures: a single centre series
N. Holder, S. Papp, W. Gofton, P.E. Beaulé

Impact of perioperative acute ischemic stroke on the outcomes of noncardiac and nonvascular surgery: a single centre prospective study
M. Biteker, K. Kayatas, F.M. Türkmen, C.H. Misirli

The “weekend warrior”: Fact or fiction for major trauma?
D.J. Roberts, J.-F. Ouellet, P.B. McBeth, A.W. Kirkpatrick, E. Dixon, C.G. Ball

Does regional variation impact decision-making in the management and palliation of pancreatic head adenocarcinoma? Results from an international survey
V. Hurdle, J.-F. Ouellet, E. Dixon, T.J. Howard, K.D. Lillemoe, C.M. Vollmer,
F.R. Sutherland, C.G. Ball

Clinical outcomes of minimally invasive endoscopic and conventional sternotomy approaches for atrial septal defect repair
M.W.A. Chu, K.L. Losenno, S.A. Fox, C. Adams, H. Al-Habib, R. Guo, A.H. Menkis, B. Kiaii

Attempting primary closure for all open fractures: the effectiveness of an institutional protocol
F.O. Moola, A. Carli, G.K. Berry, R. Reindl, D. Jacks, E.J. Harvey

Single-incision versus conventional laparoscopic appendectomy in 688 patients: a retrospective comparative analysis
H.-H. Liang, C.-S. Hung, W. Wang, K.-W. Tam, C.-C. Chang, H.-H. Liu, K.-L. Yen, P.-L. Wei

A comparison of pain scores and medication use in patients undergoing single-bundle or double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
S.A. Macdonald, S.M. Heard, L.A. Hiemstra, G.M.L. Buchko, S. Kerslake, T.M. Sasyniuk

Review • Revue

Low-intensity pulsed ultrasonography versus electrical stimulation for fracture healing: a systematic review and network meta-analysis
S. Ebrahim, B. Mollon, S. Bance, J.W. Busse, M. Bhandari

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

CAGS and ACS Evidence Based Reviews In Surgery. 49

Is a diverting loop ileostomy and colonic lavage an alternative to colectomy for the treatment of severe Clostridium difficile–associated disease?
C.J. Brown, M. Boutros, A. Morris, C.M. Divino; Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group