August 2013 • Août 2013

Can J Surg 2013;56(4)

Online Editorial • Éditorial en ligne

The Canadian contribution to the American College of Surgeons
V. McAlister

Contribution du Canada à l’American College of Surgeons
V. McAlister

Commentary • Commentaire

Identification and use of operating room efficiency indicators: the problem of definition
T. Fixler, J.G. Wright

Online Commentary • Commentaire en ligne

Surgery on a global scale at Western University
M. Serrano, D. Frank, J. Denstedt

Research • Recherche

Preoperative factors predicting poor outcomes following laparoscopic choledochotomy: a multivariate analysis study
X. Ye, X. Hong, K. Ni, X. Teng, K. Xie

Outcomes of the adjustable gastric band in a publicly funded obesity program
C.J. Chiu, D.W. Birch, X. Shi, S. Karmali

Physicians’ awareness of cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy for colorectal cancer carcinomatosis
G. Spiegle, S. Schmocker, H. Huang, J.C. Victor, C. Law, J.A. McCart, E.D. Kennedy

Transanal endoscopic microsurgery: impact on fecal incontinence and quality of life
A. Planting, P.T. Phang, M.J. Raval, C.J. Brown

Oncologic specimen from laparoscopic assisted gastrectomy for gastric adenocarcinoma is comparable to D1-open surgery: the experience of a Canadian centre
J. Hallet, S. Labidi, A. Bouchard-Fortier, A. Clairoux, J.-P. Gagné

Survival after hepatic resection: impact of surgeon training on long-term outcome
R.J. McColl, A.A.M. Shaheen, B. Brar, G. Kaplan, R. Myers, F. Sutherland, E. Dixon

Use of safety scalpels and other safety practices to reduce sharps injury in the operating room: What is the evidence?
K.M. DeGirolamo, D.J. Courtemanche, W.D. Hill, A. Kennedy, E.D. Skarsgard

The lateral radiograph is useful in predicting shortening in 31A2 pertrochanteric hip fractures
T. Tufescu, B. Sharkey

Medicine versus surgery/anesthesiology intensivists: a retrospective review and comparison of outcomes in a mixed medical–surgical–trauma ICU
J. Lee, S. Iqbal, A. Gursahaney, T. Nouh, K. Khwaja

Online Research • Recherche en ligne

Retrospective review of rectal cancer surgery in northern Alberta
J-S. Pelletier, C. DeGara, G. Porter, S. Ghosh, D. Schiller

Celebrity traumatic deaths: Are gangster rappers really “gangsta”?
C.G. Ball, E. Dixon, N. Parry, A. Salim, J. Pasley, K. Inaba, A.W. Kirkpatrick

Interest and applicability of acute care surgery among surgeons in Quebec: a provincial survey
É. Joos, V. Trottier, D. Thauvette

Laparoscopic bariatric surgery can be performed safely in secondary health care centres with a dedicated service corridor to an affiliated tertiary health care centre
N. Christou

A look at the thoracic surgery workforce in Canada: how demographics and scope of practice may impact future workforce needs
S.C. Grondin, C. Schieman, E. Kelly, G. Darling, D. Maziak, M.P. Mackay, G. Gelfand

High-concentration oxygen and surgical site infections in abdominal surgery: a meta-analysis
S.V. Patel, S.C. Coughlin, R.A. Malthaner

Feasibility and fidelity of practising surgical fixation on a virtual ulna bone
J. LeBlanc, C. Hutchison, Y. Hu, T. Donnon

Role of Evidence-Based Reviews in Surgery in teaching critical appraisal skills and in journal clubs
N. Ahmadi, L. Dubois, M. McKenzie, C.J. Brown, A.R. MacLean, R.S. McLeod

Review • Revue

Minimally invasive splenectomy: an update and review
G. Gamme, D.W. Birch, S. Karmali