June 2013 • Juin 2013

Can J Surg 2013;56(3)

Editorial • Éditorial

About time
E.J. Harvey

Il est grand temps
E.J. Harvey

Commentary • Commentaire

What is an ideal surgical clerkship?
M. Tahiri, M. Liberman

Research • Recherche

Surgical culture in transition: gender matters and generation counts
J.B. Brown, M. Fluit, B. Lent, C. Herbert

NOTES for the management of an intra-abdominal abscess: transcolonic peritonoscopy and abscess drainage in a canine model
F. Moustarah, J. Talarico, J. Zinc, P. Gatmaitan, S. Brethauer

Dedicated operating room for emergency surgery improves access and efficiency
M. Heng, J.G. Wright

Effects of trimetazidine in acute pancreatitis induced by L-arginine
A. Yenicerioglu, Z. Cetinkaya, M. Girgin, B. Ustundag, I.H. Ozercan, R. Ayten, B.H. Kanat

Safety and efficiency assessment of training Canadian cardiac surgery residents to perform aortic valve surgery
K.-C.J. Chen, C. Adams, L.W. Stitt, L.R. Guo

Effect of an acute care surgical service on the timeliness of care
A.M. Faryniuk, D.J. Hochman

Characteristics of highly successful orthopedic surgeons: a survey of orthopedic chairs and editors
G. Klein, N. Hussain, S. Sprague, C.T. Mehlman, G. Dogbey, M. Bhandari

Online Research • Recherche en ligne

Using a depth-sensing infrared camera system to access and manipulate medical imaging from within the sterile operating field
M. Strickland, J. Tremaine, G. Brigley, C. Law

Open appendectomy for pediatric ruptured appendicitis: a historical clinical review of the prophylaxis of wound infection and postoperative intra-abdominal abscess
S.H. Ein, A. Nasr, A. Ein

Intraoperative pathology consultation: error, cause and impact
E. Mahe, S. Ara, M. Bishara, A. Kurian, S. Tauqir, N. Ursani, P. Vasudev, T. Aziz, C. Ross, A. Lytwyn

Establishing a surgical partnership between Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Toronto, Canada
D.W. Cadotte, M. Blankstein, A. Bekele, S. Dessalegn, C. Pain, M. Derbew, M. Bernstein, A. Howard

Acute general surgery in Canada: a survey of current handover practices
A.M. Johner, S. Merchant, N. Aslani, A. Planting, C.G. Ball, S. Widder, G. Pagliarello, N.G. Parry, D. Klassen, S.M. Hameed; The Canadian Association of General Surgery Committee on Acute Surgery and Critical Care

Role of persistent processus vaginalis in hydroceles found in a tropical population
V.C. McAlister, V. Trottier

Severe street and mountain bicycling injuries in adults: a comparison of the incidence, risk factors and injury patterns over 14 years
D.J. Roberts, J.-F. Ouellet, F.R. Sutherland, A.W. Kirkpatrick, R.N. Lall, C.G. Ball

Recipient ineligibility after liver transplantation assessment: a single centre experience
A. Arya, R. Hernandez-Alejandro, P. Marotta, J. Uhanova, N. Chandok

Review • Revue

Surgical education at Weill Bugando Medical Centre: supplementing surgical training and investing in local health care providers
K.B. Mitchell, G. Giiti, V. Kotecha, A. Chandika, K.O. Pryor, R. Härtl, J. Gilyoma

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery

Impact of the 80-hour resident work week on mortality and morbidity in trauma patients
K.J. Brasel, P. Fata, T.C. Flynn; Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group

Practical Tips For Surgical Research

Why perform a priori sample size calculation?
F. Farrokhyar, D. Reddy, R.W. Poolman, M. Bhandari



Online Correspondence • Correspondance en ligne

Postoperative recurrence of cystic hydatidosis: what are the predictive factors?