February 2013 • Février 2013

Can J Surg 2013;56(1)

Editorial • Éditorial

Canadian physicians need better CMA representation
E.J. Harvey

Les médecins du Canada ont besoin d’une meilleure représentation de la part de l’AMC
E.J. Harvey

Research • Recherche

Inhibiting inducible nitric oxide synthase with rutin reduces renal ischemia/reperfusion injury
A. Korkmaz, D. Kolankaya

Evaluation of the Swedish adjustable gastric band VC (SAGB-VC) in an Australian population: early results
J.B. Keogh, A. Brancatisano, S.F. Taylor, F. McDonald, R. Brancatisano, J.M. Hamdorf, J. Chisholm, L. Kow, S.Wahlroos, B. Ryan, J. Toouli

Early and late outcomes after cardiac retransplantation
A. Saito, R.J. Novick, B. Kiaii, F.N. McKenzie, M. Quantz, P. Pflugfelder, G. Fisher, M.W.A. Chu

Subbrachial approach to humeral shaft fractures: new surgical technique and retrospective case series study
V. Boschi, Z. Pogorelic, G. Gulan, K. Vilovic, H. Stalekar, K. Bilan, L. Grandic

Locked plate fixation of the comminuted distal fibula: a biomechanical study
N.J. White, D.T. Corr, J.P. Wagg, C. Lorincz, R.E. Buckley

Total hip arthroplasty in steroid-induced osteonecrosis: early functional and radiological outcomes
W.A. Rahman, D.S. Garbuz, B.A. Masri

Review • Revue

Biological effects of bariatric surgery on obesity-related comorbidities
S.F. Noria, T. Grantcharov

Systematic review of complications after intramedullary fixation for displaced midshaft clavicle fractures
F.-J.G. Wijdicks, R.M. Houwert, P.J. Millett, E.J.J.M. Verleisdonk, O.A.J. Van der Meijden

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery

Is there an association between implementation of a medical team training program and surgical mortality?
T.M. Pawlik, D.R. Urbach, A.L. Halverson; Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group