Supplement: Contemporary challenges and opportunities in the delivery of responsible surgical training

Editorial • Éditorial

Preparing Canadian surgeons to provide care in the 21st century
G.L. Warnock

Préparation des chirurgiens canadiens à la prestation des soins au XXIe siècle
G.L. Warnock

Research • Recherche

Is Canadian surgical residency training stressful?
N. Aminazadeh, F. Farrokhyar, A. Naeeni, M. Naeeni, S. Reid, A. Kashfi, K. Kahnamoui

Resident self-assessment of operative experience in primary total knee and total hip arthroplasty: Is it accurate?
T. Trajkovski, C. Veillette, D. Backstein, V.M.R. Wadey, B. Kraemer

Knowing the operative game plan: a novel tool for the assessment of surgical procedural knowledge
J. Balayla, S. Bergman, G. Ghitulescu, L.S. Feldman, S.A. Fraser

Long-term outcomes for surgeons from 3- and 4-year medical school curricula
J. Lockyer, C. Violato, B. Wright, H. Fidler, R. Chan

Does operative experience during residency correlate with reported competency of recent general surgery graduates?
A. Safavi, S. Lai, S. Butterworth, M. Hameed, D. Schiller, E. Skarsgard

Sharps-handling practices among junior surgical residents: a video analysis
D. Tso, M. Langer, G.K. Blair, S. Butterworth

The Canadian general surgery resident: defining current challenges for surgical leadership
C. Tomlinson, J. LaBossière, K. Rommens, D.W. Birch

Surgical residency training and international volunteerism: a national survey of residents from 2 surgical specialties
W.Y. Matar, D.C. Trottier, F. Balaa, R. Fairful-Smith, P. Moroz

Review • Revue

Canadian Association of University Surgeons’ Annual Symposium. Surgical simulation: The solution to safe training or a promise unfulfilled?
P.G. Brindley, D.B. Jones, T. Grantcharov, C. de Gara