October 2009 • Octobre 2009

Can J Surg 2009;52(5)

Editorial • Éditorial

H1N1 and the surgeon
E.J. Harvey

Le virus H1N1 et le chirurgien
E.J. Harvey

Research • Recherche

Getting started with robotics in general surgery with cholecystectomy: the Canadian experience
S. Jayaraman, W. Davies, C.M. Schlachta

Computer-assisted FluoroGuide navigation of unicompartmental knee arthroplasty
B. Ma, J. Rudan, R. Chakravertty, H. Grant

Do corticosteroids reduce the risk of fat embolism syndrome in patients with long-bone fractures? A meta-analysis
S.S. Bederman, M. Bhandari, M.D. McKee, E.H. Schemitsch

Recent evolution in demographic and clinical characteristics and in-hospital morbidity in patients undergoing coronary surgery
R.G. Baillot, D.R. Joanisse, L.M. Stevens, D.P. Doyle, B. Dionne, F. Lellouche

Strategic faculty recruitment increases research productivity within an academic university division
S.W. Chung, J.S. Clifton, A.J. Rowe, R.J. Finley, G.L. Warnock

The management of treatment-resistant biliary calculi using percutaneous endourologic techniques
A.A. Ray, E.T. Davies, M. Duvdevani, H. Razvi, J.D. Denstedt

Outcomes of total joint arthroplasty in academic versus community hospitals
R. Gandhi, P. Tso, A. Davis, N.N. Mahomed

Clinical management of cocaine body packers: the Hillingdon experience
I. Beckley, N.A.A. Ansari, H.A. Khwaja, Y. Mohsen

Complementary and alternative medicine use among general surgery, hepatobiliary surgery and surgical oncology patients
C. Schieman, L.R. Rudmik, E. Dixon, F. Sutherland, O.F. Bathe

Online Research • Recherche en ligne

A surgical review of the priority claims attributed to Abraham Groves (1847–1935)
C.R. Geddes, V.C. McAlister

A retrospective review of general surgery training outcomes at the University of Toronto
C. Compeau, J. Tyrwhitt, Y. Shargall, L. Rotstein

Development of the Veritas plot and its application in cardiac surgery: an evidence-synthesis graphic tool for the clinician to assess multiple meta-analyses reporting on a common outcome
S.S. Panesar, C. Rao, J.A. Vecht, S.B. Mirza, G. Netuveli, R. Morris, J. Rosenthal, A. Darzi, T. Athanasiou

Injury in Kampala, Uganda: 6 years later
S.V. Demyttenaere, C. Nansamba, A. Nganwa, M. Mutto, R. Lett, T. Razek

Weather and chinook winds in relation to spontaneous pheumothoraces
C. Schieman, A. Graham, G. Gelfand, S.P. McFadden, C. Tiruta, M.D. Hill, S.C. Grondin

Canadian experience with percutaneous endovascular aneurysm repair: short-term outcomes
S.M. Grenon, J. Gagnon, Y.N. Hsiang, J.C. Chen

Efficacy of different fixation devices in maintaining an initial reduction for surgically managed distal radius fractures
L. Geller, M. Bernstein, A. Carli, G. Berry, R. Reindl, E. Harvey

Review • Revue

Tracheostomy: from insertion to decannulation
P.T. Engels, S.M. Bagshaw, M. Meier, P.G. Brindley

Choledochal cysts Part 1 of 3: Classification and pathogenesis
J. Singham, E.M. Yoshida, C.H. Scudamore

Online Review • Revue en ligne

Microscopic colitis: a review for the surgical endoscopist
I. Datta, S.S. Brar, C.N. Andrews, M. Dupre, C.G. Ball, W.D. Buie, P.L. Beck

The occult pneumothorax: What have we learned?
C.G. Ball, A.W. Kirkpatrick, D.V. Feliciano

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

CAGS and ACS Evidence-Based Reviews in Surgery. 30

Prophylactic antibiotics for mesh inguinal hernioplasty
L. Neumayer, J. Thompson, B. Vair, for the members of the Evidence-Based Reviews in Surgery Group

Online case notes

Aortic thrombosis complicating Crohn disease: an unusual complication
A. Bashir Khan, N. Bhat, A. Hassan, G. Al Saied

Massive gastrointestinal bleeding caused by stromal tumour of the jejunum
C. Caliskan, O. Makay, M. Akyildiz

Laparoscopic treatment of primary hyperaldosteronism in a pregnant patient
T.Z. Nursal, K. Caliskan, E. Ertorer, A. Parlakgumus, G. Moray

Intussuscepted intestine through a rectal foreign body
C.G. Ball, A.D. Wyrzykowski, P. Sullivan, D.V. Feliciano

Pseudomonas aeruginosa–infected infrarenal abdominal aorta pseudoaneurysm secondary to laparoscopic colorectal surgery: failure of endovascular stent graft treatment after primary open repair failed
F. Mazzalai, R. Ragazzi, V. Iurilli, A. Toniato, G. Da Giau, E. Ballotta

Left colon and liver hemangiomas
J.M. Plummer, N. Williams, P. Johnson, M.G. Lee

Complete anemia reversal after surgical excision of mesenteric hyaline-vascular unicentric Castleman disease
J. Bejjani, B. Lemieux, G. Gariepy, R. Younan

Management of a small incidentally discovered retroperitoneal synovial sarcoma
I.P. Gomatos, L. Alevizos, G. Kafiri, J. Bramis, E. Leandros

Minimally invasive excision of a mediastinal cystic lymphangioma
I. Hunt, D. Eaton, P. Dalal, M. Burke, V. Anikin

Control of the bleeding gallbladder bed using a pedicled falciform ligament flap based on the left inferior phrenic artery and middle segment hepatic artery
V. Naraynsingh, M.J. Ramdass

Mock appendicitis: small bowel perforation secondary to lung cancer metastasis
M. Bélanger, J.-P. Gagné

Traumatic abdominal hernia with presternal herniation
P.B. McBeth, S. Widder, R.J. McColl, A. Graham, A.W. Kirkpatrick

Splenic hydatid cyst
I. Karabicak, I. Yurtseven, S.S. Yuruker, N. Ozen, M. Kesim

Minimal abdominal adhesions after Sepramesh repair of a parastomal hernia
J. Rose, S. Jayaraman, P. Colquhoun, B. Taylor

Isolated metastasis to the cerebellopontine angle secondary to breast cancer
Y. Chiong, L. Mulroy, I.G. Fleetwood, T. Younis

Esophageal carcinoma presented with a skull tumour
C.-H. Kao, C.-T. Shang, Y.-C. Lin, Y.-F. Li, Y.-L. Cheng

Isolated quadrilateral plate fracture: an unusual acetabular fracture
G.Y. Laflamme, J. Delisle, S. Leduc, P.-A. Uzel

Case Series

Incisional endometriosis: a report of 3 cases
I. Sengul, D. Sengul, S. Kahyaoglu, I. Kahyaoglu

Online Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue en ligne

Radiology for the Surgeon: Musculoskeletal case 45
G. Andreisek, J.S. Theodoropoulos, W. Mak, L.M. White

Online Correspondence • Correspondance en ligne

Does general surgery residence training provide competence in community-based pediatric surgery?
E.D. Skarsgard

Response: Does general surgery residence training provide competence in community-based pediatric surgery?
H. Hwang