August 2009 • Août 2009

Can J Surg 2009;52(4)

Editorial • Éditorial

Toward a platform for training and practice standards in advanced minimally invasive surgery
G.L. Warnock

Vers un modèle de normes de formation et de pratique en techniques avancées de chirurgie minimalement invasive
G.L. Warnock

Research • Recherche

Predictors of laparotomy and mortality in polytrauma patients with pelvic fractures
J. Ali, K. Al Ahmadi, J.I. Williams

The interobserver reliability of classification systems for radial head fractures: the Hotchkiss modification of the Mason classification and the AO classification systems
D.M. Sheps, K.R.L. Kiefer, R.S. Boorman, J. Donaghy, A. Lalani, R. Walker, K.A. Hildebrand

The who, what and when of surgery for the degenerative lumbar spine: a population-based study of surgeon factors, surgical procedures, recent trends and reoperation rates
S.S. Bederman, H.J. Kreder, I. Weller, J.A. Finkelstein, M.H. Ford, A.J.M. Yee

Advanced laparoscopic training and outcomes in laparoscopic cholecystectomy
L. Bohacek, D.E. Pace

Factors affecting perioperative blood loss and transfusion rates in primary total joint arthroplasty: a prospective analysis of 1642 patients
T.H. Bell, D. Berta, F. Ralley, S.J. MacDonald, R.W. McCalden, R.B. Bourne, C.H. Rorabeck, D.D.R. Naudie

Mortality and complications following stabilization of femoral metastatic lesions: a population-based study of regional variation and outcome
B. Ristevski, R.J. Jenkinson, D.J.G. Stephen, J. Finkelstein, E.H. Schemitsch, M.D. McKee, H.J. Kreder

Evaluation of preoperative and perioperative operating room briefings at the Hospital for Sick Children
A. Khoshbin, L. Lingard, J.G. Wright

Influence of delays to nonemergent colon cancer surgery on operative mortality, disease-specific survival and overall survival
M. Simunovic, E. Rempel, M.-E. Thériault, N.N. Baxter, B.A. Virnig, N.J. Meropol, M.N. Levine

Correspondence • Correspondance

Criteria for a diagnosis of abdominal compartment syndrome
M.L. Cheatham, J. De Waele, A. Kirkpatrick, M. Sugrue, M.L.N. Malbrain, R.R. Ivatury, Z. Balogh, S. D’Amours

Response: Criteria for a diagnosis of abdominal compartment syndrome
K.S.A. Vikrama, S.N. Keshava, M. Vinu, P. Joseph, F. Vyas, S. Venkatramani

Review • Revue

The history of women in surgery
D.A. Wirtzfeld

Canadian consensus conference on the development of training and practice standards in advanced minimally invasive surgery
D.W. Birch, H.J. Bonjer, C. Crossley, G. Burnett, C. de Gara, A. Gomes, J. Hagen, A.G. Maciver, C.D. Mercer, O.N. Panton, C.M. Schlachta, A.J. Smith, G.L. Warnock

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Users’ Guide to the Surgical Literature

How to use an article about prognosis
R.R. Hansebout, S.D. Cornacchi, T. Haines, C.H. Goldsmith; for the Evidence-Based Surgery Working Group

Surgical Biology for the Clinician

Operating on a patient with hepatitis C
S. Asthana, N. Kneteman

Radiology for the Surgeon: Soft tissue case 61
L. Aird, P. Tiwari, C.J. Brown

Online case notes

Seven-year survival after intralesional resection and adjuvant radiotherapy for a giant-cell tumour of the sixth cervical vertebra
B. Rerri, T. Opadele

Subtotal splenectomy for splenic abscess
R.G. Nagem, A. Petroianu

Primary myxoid sarcoma of the pleura
W.A. Arab, V. Echavé, M. Sirois, F. Bénard, M.M. Gomes

An unusual case of free air
K.N. Vogt, S.E. Smith, R. Etemad-Rezai, S. Jayaraman, W. Davies

Paradoxical carbon dioxide embolism during laparoscopic unroofing of a recurrent nonparasitic liver cyst
W. Sendt, W. Schummer, A. Altendorf-Hofmann, T. Weber

Ruptured ectopic pregnancy presenting as intestinal obstruction
S. Singh, B.K. Jain, D. Mohanty, J. Agrawal, S. Mehta

Extra-axial medulloblastoma in the cerebellopontine angle
A. Fallah, S.M. Banglawala, J. Provias, N.K. Jha

Intestinal duplication presenting with recurrent abdominal pain
J.M. Plummer, M.E. McFarlane, D.E. Torrence, N. Duncan, S. Shah, P. Roberts

Lymphatic cording or axillary web syndrome after breast cancer surgery
A. Tilley, R. Thomas-MacLean, W. Kwan

Malakoplakia of the neck in a patient with cancer of the colon
M. Hamodat, B. Naghibi, G.M. Yousef

Massive hemobilia
S.V. Demyttenaere, M. Hassanain, Y. Halwani, D. Valenti, J.S. Barkun

Nodular ganglioneuroblastoma in adults
T. Peycru, J. Guiramand, E. Tardat, P.-H. Savoie, J.-P. Avaro, P. Balandraud

Unexpected bile duct stones formed around surgical clips 4 years after laparoscopic cholecystectomy
L.M. Kager, C.Y. Ponsioen

Cerebellar liponeurocytoma
N. Patel, A. Fallah, J. Provias, N.K. Jha

Spontaneous intrahepatic echinococcal cyst rupture in a patient with chronic hepatitis C infection
M.M. Konstadoulakis, I.P. Gomatos, L. Toufektzian, S. Katsaragakis, J. Koskinas, P. Antonakis, N. Nikiteas, E. Leandros, C. Tsigris

Lymphoma following ileal pouch anal anastomosis
J. Swett Cosentino, R.J. Davies, R.S. McLeod, Z. Cohen

Abstracts • Résumés

Bethune Round Table 2009, 9th Annual Conference: Clinical Care in Context
May 22-23, 2009, the Bahen Centre, Toronto, Ont.

Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery, 2009 Annual Meeting
Sept. 25-26, 2009, The Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Ont.

Supplement • Supplement

Canadian Surgery Forum, Abstract Presentation
Victoria, BC
Sept. 10-13, 2009