October 2007 • Octobre 2007

Can J Surg 2007;50(5)

Editorial • Éditorial

A half century of publication on the frontiers of Canadian surgery
J.P. Waddell, G.L. Warnock

Un demi-siècle de publication aux frontières de la chirurgie canadienne
J.P. Waddell, G.L. Warnock

Quill on Scalpel • Plume et scalpel

Fifty years with Aesculapius
N. Schmidt

Anniversary Issue

Canadian surgery and the Canadian Journal of Surgery — decades of change
N. Schmidt

Origins of the Canadian school of surgery
V.C. McAlister

From trauma care to injury control: a people’s history of the evolution of trauma systems in Canada
D.C. Evans

Canadian Journal of Surgery Editors-in-Chief

A dialogue with editors, past and present, on how the CJS came of age
G.L. Warnock, R. Cadeliña, N. Schmidt

Anniversary correspondence • Correspondance anniversaire

What does the Canadian Journal of Surgery mean to me, a community surgeon?
G.W.N. Fitzgerald

Congratulations CJS
Canadian Association of Surgical Chairs

Original Articles • Articles originaux

Prevention of overwhelming postsplenectomy infection in thalassemia patients by partial rather than total splenectomy
A.K. Sheikha, Z.T. Salih, K.H. Kasnazan, M.K. Khoshnaw, T. Al-Maliki, T.A. Al-Azraqi, M.H. Zafer

A randomized pilot validation of educational measures in teaching shoulder arthroscopy to surgical residents
P.J.M. Ceponis, D. Chan, R.S. Boorman, C. Hutchison, N.G.H. Mohtadi

Do administrative databases accurately measure waiting times for medical care? Evidence from general surgery
C. De Coster, A. Luis, M.C. Taylor

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Surgical images: soft tissue

Postgastrectomy benign gastrojejunocolic fistula
F.A.M. Herbella, J.C. Del Grande, H.L. Beaton

Online case notes

Simultaneous stent grafting of the descending thoracic aorta and aortofemoral bypass for “shaggy aorta” syndrome
G. Illuminati, L. Bresadola, A. D’Urso, G Ceccanei, F. Vietri

Rupture of a mesenteric hydatid cyst: a rare cause of acute abdomen
R. Kusaslan, D.A. Sahin, A.K. Belli, O.N. Dilek

Esophageal perforation in closed neck trauma
E. Henderson, V. Echavé, M. Lalancette, G. Langlois

Macronodular hepatic tuberculosis necessitating hepatic resection: a diagnostic conundrum
V. Vimalraj, D. Jyotibasu, S. Rajendran, P. Ravichandran, S. Jeswanth, T.G. Balachandar, D.G. Kannan, R. Surendran

Recurrent pyogenic cholangitis in a white woman
S. Bergman, A. Di Carlo, P. Chaudhury, C. Blum, A. Nahal, P. Metrakos

Gastrointestinal stromal tumour of the rectum associated with a cutaneous lesion
E. Sacks, M.S. Friedlich

Evidence-Based Surgery • Chirurgie factuelle

Canadian Association of General Surgeons and American College of Surgeons Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery. 22.

The use of PET/CT scanning on the management of resectable pancreatic cancer
M. Taylor, G.L.Warnock, J. Powell, K. Lillemoe, for the Members of the Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group

Users’ guide to the surgical literature: how to use a decision analysis
T.M. Mastracci, A. Thoma, F. Farrokhyar, V.R. Tandan, C.S. Cinà, for the Evidence-Based Surgery Working Group

Correspondence • Correspondance

Laparoscopic colorectal surgery and community hospitals
F. Rulli, C. Ridolfi, A.M. Farinon; C.A. McKinley; J-P Gagné

D.W.C. Johnston; M. Gross

Intussusception in adults: surgical aspects
A.J. Montiel-Jarquín