June 2007 • Juin 2007

Can J Surg 2007;50(3)

Editorial • Éditorial

Editor’s view
J.P. Waddell

Point de vue de la rédaction
J.P. Waddell

Quill on Scalpel • Plume et scalpel

An orthopedic career fair: a novel recruitment event
C.W. Reilly, K.A. Stothers, M. Broudo, A. Perdios, S.J. Tredwell

Original Articles • Articles originaux

An open and shut case for early VATS treatment of primary spontaneous pneumothorax in children
S.A. Butterworth, G.K. Blair, J.G. LeBlanc, E.D. Skarsgard

The effect of clinical academic service contracts on surgeon satisfaction
J. Clifton, C. Bradley, R. Cadeliña, Y. Hsiang

Does patient perception of alignment affect total knee arthroplasty outcome?
R. Gandhi, J. de Beer, D. Petruccelli, M. Winemaker

Development of a provincial guideline for the acute assessment and management of adult and pediatric patients with head injuries
M.O. Hebb, D.B. Clarke, J.M. Tallon

Characterizing laparoscopic incisional hernia repair
D.W. Birch

Surgical Biology for the Clinician • Biologie chirurgicale pour le clinicien

An approach to transfusion and hemorrhage in trauma: current perspectives on restrictive transfusion strategies
H. Tien, B. Nascimento Jr., J. Callum, S. Rizoli

Trauma and Critical Care • Traumatologie et soins critiques

Evaluation of a regional trauma registry
I. Datta, C. Findlay, J.B. Kortbeek, S. Morad Hameed

Evidence-Based Surgery • Chirurgie factuelle

Canadian Association of General Surgeons and American College of Surgeons Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery. 21.

The risk of surgical site infection is reduced with perioperative oxygen
K. Brasel, D. McRitchie, P. Dellinger, for the Members of the Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Surgical images: soft tissue

Calcinosis cutis
L.A. Dubois, D.K. Gray, E.J. Tweedie

Radiology for the surgeon

Musculoskeletal case 39
R.P.M. Killeen, R.F.J. Browne, W.C. Torreggiani, P.L. Munk

Case Notes • Notes de cas

Salmonella urinary tract infection: a vascular emergency
J. Gagnon, R. Labbé, B. Laroche

Jejunal adenoma presenting with gastrointestinal bleeding
S. Wiseman, S. Bugis, J. MacFarlane

Spontaneous pneumorrhachis associated with pneumomediastin in a patient with diabetic ketoacidosis: an exceptional manifestation of a benign disease
S. Drolet, J.-P. Gagné, P. Langis

Case report of ventricular septal defect secondary to blunt chest trauma
D.B. Rootman, D. Latter, N. Ahmed

Aggressive angiomyxoma of the pelvis: a case report
A. Mathieson, S. Chandrakanth, G. Yousef, P. Wadden, E. Sala, D. Wirtzfeld

Supplement • Supplément

Canadian Spine Society Seventh Annual Meeting
Mont Tremblant Ski Resort
Mont Tremblant, Québec
March 21-24, 2007