April 2006 • Avril 2006

Can J Surg 2006;49(2)

Editorial • Éditorial

J.P. Waddell

De la flatterie
J.P. Waddell

Original Articles • Articles originaux

Does flattery work? A comparison of 2 different cover letters for an international survey of orthopedic surgeons
P. Leece, M. Bhandari, S. Sprague, M.F. Swiontkowski, E.H. Schemitsch, P. Tornetta III

Clinical judgment remains of great value in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis
E. Bergeron

Determination of patient quality of life following severe acute pancreatitis
D. Hochman, B. Louie, R. Bailey

Reinforcement of the suture line with an ePTFE graft attached with histoacryl glue in duodenal trauma
O. Saygun, S. Topaloglu, F.M. Avsar, H. Ozel, S. Hucumenoglu, M. Sahin, S. Hengirmen

A screening program to identify risk factors for abdominal aortic aneurysms
M.B. Lovell, K.A. Harris, G. DeRose, T.L. Forbes, M. Fortier, B. Scott

The new cardiac surgery patient: defying previous expectations
S.K. Aggarwal, S.A. Fox, L. Stitt, B. Kiaii, F.N. McKenzie, A.H. Menkis, M.A. Quantz, R.J. Novick

Factors predicting the outcome of primary clubfoot surgery
P.A. Templeton, M.J. Flowers, K.H. Latz, D. Stephens, W.G. Cole, J.G. Wright

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Radiology for the surgeon: soft-tissue case 58
S.S.M. Ng, N.C. Ng, S.Y.W. Liu, J.F.Y. Lee

Surgical technique: Technical notes on reductions of thoracic spine fracture dislocation
A. Alobaid, V. Arlet, J. Ouellet, R. Reindl

Case Notes • Notes de cas

L’atteinte tuberculeuse de la vésicule biliaire
H.O. El Malki, A. Benkabbou, R. Mohsine, L. Ifrine, A. Belkouchi, S. Balafrej

Correspondence • Correspondance

PVT after splenectomy
A.-W. Meshikhes, W. Harris, M. Marcaccio

Preoperative fasting guidelines
J.R. Maltby, R. McLeod, W. Fitzgerald, M. Sarr

Canadian Special Interest Group 2006

American Burn Association meeting abstracts (S1-S24)
April 3, 2006, Las Vegas, Nevada