February 2004 • Février 2004

Can J Surg 2004;47(1)

Editorial • Éditorial

Resource allocation in surgical departments
G.L. Warnock

La répartition des ressources dans les départements de chirurgie
G.L. Warnock

Commentary • Commentaire

Maimonides’s cooling period and organ retrieval
V. McAlister

Original Articles • Articles originaux

Renal transplantation using non-heart-beating donors: a potential solution to the organ donor shortage in Canada
J.D. Lacroix, J.E. Mahoney, G.A. Knoll

Minimally invasive surgical practice: a survey of general surgeons in Ontario
P.M. Chiasson, D.E. Pace, C.M. Schlachta, J. Mamazza, E.C. Poulin

Knee dislocations: experience at the Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal
M. Talbot, G. Berry, J. Fernandes, P. Ranger

Surgical outreach clinics in Canada: one neurosurgeon’s experience
M. Bernstein

Frozen section in thyroid surgery: Is it a necessity?
B. Cetin, S. Aslan, C. Hatiboglu, B. Babacan, A. Onder, A. Celik, A. Cetin

Is obesity a predictor of mortality, morbidity and readmission after cardiac surgery?
M.A. J. Rockx, S.A. Fox, L.W. Stitt, K.R. Lehnhardt, F.N. McKenzie, M.A. Quantz, A.H. Menkis, R.J. Novick

Prioritization of patients on scheduled waiting lists: validation of a scoring system for hip and knee arthroplasty
B.L. Conner-Spady, G. Arnett, J.J. McGurran, T.W. Noseworthy, and the Steering Committee of the Western Canada Waiting List Project

Symptoms, acid exposure and motility in patients with Barrett’s esophagus
M.G. Brandt, G.E. Darling, L. Miller

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Surgical images: soft tissue. Laparoscopic resection of a renal hilar pheochromocytoma
S. E. Pautler, M. M. Walther

Radiology for the surgeon: musculoskeletal case 31
R.S. Ryan, P.L. Munk

Surgical Education and Self-assessment Program (SESAP)

Evidence-Based Surgery • Chirurgie factuelle

Canadian Association of General Surgeons Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery. 9.

Risk factors for retained foreign bodies after surgery
R.S. McLeod, J.M.A. Bohnen, for Members of the CAGS Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group

Users’ guide to the surgical literature: how to use a systematic literature review and meta-analysis
M. Bhandari, P.J. Devereaux, V. Montori, C. Cinà, V. Tandan, G.H. Guyatt, for the Evidence-Based Surgery Working Group

Brief Communications • Communications abrégées

Strangulated femoral hernia containing a perforated appendix
E.T. Nguyen, I.K. Komenaka

Case Notes • Notes de cas

A gastrointestinal stromal tumour presenting in a perforated Meckel’s diverticulum
K. Szentpáli, A. Palotás, A. Wolfárd, L. Tiszlavicz, Á. Balogh