October 2003 • Octobre 2003

Can J Surg 2003;46(5)

Editorial • Éditorial

Canadian surgery and the events of 2003
G.L. Warnock

La chirurgie au Canada et les événements de 2003
G.L. Warnock

Quill on Scalpel • Plume et scalpel

Error and surgery: Can we do better?
J.M.A. Bohnen, L. Lingard

Guest editorial. October 2003, 25th anniversary of the Canadian Society for Vascular Surgery
A.R. Downs, A.J. Salvian

Original Articles • Articles originaux

Perioperative stroke occurring in patients who undergo neck dissection for head and neck cancer: unanswered questions
S.K. Thompson, J.G. McKinnon, W.A. Ghali

General surgery in a district hospital in Tajikistan: clinical impact of a partnership between visiting volunteers and host specialists
D.A. Kassum, A. Valji, S. Gulyazov

Laparoscopic adrenalectomy: pathologic features determine outcome
E.C. Poulin, C.M. Schlachta, S.E. Burpee, K.T. Pace, J. Mamazza

Anorectal malignant melanoma: treatment with surgery or radiation therapy, or both
K.L. Moozar, C.S. Wong, J. Couture

Discoid meniscus in children: treatment and outcome
D. Davidson, M. Letts, R. Glasgow

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Surgical images: soft tissue. Obstructing colon carcinoma in an irreducible scrotal hernia
A. Cervinka, K. Inaba, W.J. Wall

Radiology for the surgeon: musculoskeletal case 30
R.F.J. Browne, S.M. Murphy, W.C. Torreggiani, P.L. Munk, L.O. Marchinkow

Surgical Education and Self-assessment Program (SESAP)

Review Article • Article de revue

International surgery: definition, principles and Canadian practice
R. Lett

Trauma and Critical Care • Traumatologie et soins critiques

Occult pneumothorax in the mechanically ventilated trauma patient
C.G. Ball, S.M. Hameed, D. Evans, J.B. Kortbeek, A.W. Kirkpatrick, for the Canadian Trauma Trials Collaborative

Evidence-Based Surgery • Chirurgie factuelle

Canadian Association of General Surgeons Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery. 7.

Quality of life after bile duct injury during laparoscopic cholecystectomy
M.C. Taylor, R. Hart, for Members of the CAGS Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group

Brief Communications • Communication abrégées

Late neurologic deterioration after nonoperative treatment of a Chance fracture in an adolescent
A. Campbell, D. Yen

Endovascular stent-graft for blunt thoracic aortic rupture: a novel and useful approach in selected cases
F. Dagenais, P. Lavoie, R. Bauset, J.-P. Normand

Case Notes • Notes de cas

Spontaneous rectus sheath hematoma
W.T. Siu, C.N. Tang, B.K.B. Law, C.H. Chau, M.K.W. Li

Book Review • Critique de livre

Raising the Dead: Organ Transplants, Ethics, and Society
J. Barwinsky