December 2000 • Décembre 2000

Can J Surg 2000;43(6)

Editors’ View • Mot de la rédaction

Evidence-based clinical practice
J.L. Meakins

Pratique fondée sur les données probantes
J.L. Meakins

Quill on Scalpel • Plume et scalpel

All that is measured may not help
M. Gross

Surgical Images • Imagier chirurgical

Soft-tissue images

Melanosis coli
V. Erzurum, R. Obermeyer, G. Smaroff, J. Mehta

Radiology for the Surgeon • Chirurgie et radiologie

Musculoskeletal case 13. Presentation
Musculoskeletal case 13. Diagnosis
W.C. Torreggiani, P.L. Munk, K. al-Ismail, M.J. Lee

Soft-tissue case 36. Presentation
Soft-tissue case 36. Diagnosis
L.A. Stein, D. Valenti

Trauma and Critical Care • Traumatologie et soins critiques

Thrombolytic therapy for pulmonary embolism
B.M. Katchan

MacLean-Mueller Prize • Prix MacLean-Mueller

Unicondylar knee arthroplasty: a cementless perspective
M.E. Forsythe, R.E. Englund, R.K. Leighton

Original Articles • Articles originaux

Subcutaneous granuloma annulare of the extremities in children
M. Letts, B. Carpenter, P. Soucy, D. Davidson

Improving patient satisfaction with time spent in an orthopedic outpatient clinic
J. Levesque, E.R. Bogoch, B.Cooney, B. Johnston, J.G. Wright

Experience with the advanced breast biopsy instrumentation system
V.S. Perelman, N.D. Colapinto, S. Lee, N.K. Down, D.M. Cook

Intracranial pressure monitoring and outcomes after traumatic brain injury
P.L. Lane, T.G. Skoretz, G. Doig, M.J. Girotti

Midfoot and hindfoot arthrodeses in diabetic Charcot arthropathy
N.C. Stone, T.R. Daniels

Effect of pyloric drainage on the healing of esophagogastric anastomoses in rats
Y. Cui, J.D. Urschel, N.J. Petrelli

Brief Communications • Communications abrégées

Massive subcutaneous hemorrhage in a chest-wall neurofibroma
V. Rao, R.A. Affifi, D. Ghazarian

Delayed onset of life-threatening immune hemolysis after perioperative antimicrobial prophylaxis with cefotetan
E.K. Ray, T.E. Warkentin, P.L. O’Hoski, P. Gregor