October 2000 • Octobre 2000

Can J Surg 2000;43(5)

Editors’ View • Mot de la rédaction

Education versus service – the resident’s dilemma?
J.P. Waddell

Éducation ou service – le dilemme du résident?
J.P. Waddell

Quill on Scalpel • Plume et scalpel

Lung volume reduction surgery: evidence for the resurrection of an old operation?
G. Beauchamp

Surgical Images • Imagier chirurgical

Soft-tissue images

Hydatid disease of the liver
C.K. Leow, W.Y. Lau

Musculoskeletal images

Soft-tissue mass at the site of a previous total knee arthroplasty
A.M. Griffin, L.M. White, R. Kandel, J.S. Wunder

Radiology for the Surgeon • Chirurgie et radiologie

Musculoskeletal case 12. Presentation
Musculoskeletal case 12. Diagnosis
W.C. Torreggiani, K. al-Ismail, P.L. Munk, M.J. Lee

Soft-tissue case 35. Presentation
Soft-tissue case 35. Diagnosis
R. Tam, P.K.C. Chan

Surgical Biology for the Clinician • Biologie chirurgicale pour le clinicien

Helicobacter and disease: still more questions than answers
G. Kandel

Canadian Association of General Surgeons • Association canadienne des chirurgiens généraux

Presidential address 1999.The future of surgery — Santayana or Ford
W.G. Pollett

Small-bowel obstruction secondary to malignant disease: an 11-year audit
G. Miller, J. Boman, I. Shrier, P.H. Gordon

Canadian Orthopaedic Association • Association canadienne d’orthopédie

Blood flow changes to the proximal femur during total hip arthroplasty
T.M. Hupel, E.H. Schemitsch, S.A. Aksenov, J.P. Waddell

Properties of a hybrid plaster-fibreglass cast
M.N. Charles, D. Yen

Original Articles • Articles originaux

Lung volume reduction surgery for the treatment of severe emphysema: a study in a single Canadian institution
A.L. Tan, H.W. Unruh, S.N. Mink

Lung volume reduction surgery: results of a Canadian pilot study
R.A. Malthaner, J.D. Miller for the Canadian Lung Volume Reduction Surgery Study Group

Surgical Cornucopia • Pot pourri

Canadian Network for International Surgery: development activities and strategies
R. Lett

Correspondence • Correspondance

Perioperative transfusion or albumin as risk factorsin colorectal surgery
H.M. Hanafy; M.G.Torchia

Health care funding in surgical practice and the Canadian health care system
S.M. Hamilton; R.M.Stone