August 2000 • Août 2000

Can J Surg 2000;43(4)

Editors’ View · Mot de la rédaction

The Canadian health care system
J.L. Meakins

Le système de santé du Canada
J.L. Meakins

Quill on Scalpel · Plume et scalpel

Acetabular revision arthroplasty
R.B. Bourne

Surgical residents as teachers
M. Gross

Surgical Images · Imagier chirurgical

Soft-tissue images

Mediastinal goitre
J.D. Urschel, T.M. Anderson

Musculoskeletal images

Migration of the patellar component causing popliteal artery occlusion
C.H. Gerrand, A.M. Griffin, R.S. Bell

Radiology for the Surgeon · Chirurgie et radiologie

Soft-tissue case 34. Presentation
Soft-tissue case 34. Diagnosis
R. Tam, M.P.Y. Lee

Musculoskeletal case 11. Presentation
Musculoskeletal case 11. Diagnosis
P.L. Munk, M.J. Lee, L.O. Marchinkow

Review Article · Article de revue

Closed tibial shaft fractures: management and treatment complications. A review of the prospective literature
C.P. Coles, M. Gross

Trauma and Critical Care · Traumatologie et soins critiques

An approach to ventilation in acute respiratory distress syndrome
P. Houston

Original Articles · Articles originaux

Cementless acetabular revision arthroplasty
R. Jain, E.H. Schemitsch, J.P. Waddell

Functional outcome after acetabular revision with roof reinforcement rings
R. Jain, E.H. Schemitsch, J.P. Waddell

Management of adult splenic injuries in Ontario: a population-based study
B.G. Garber, B.P. Mmath, R.J. Fairfull-Smith, J.-D. Yelle

The safe use of epidural anesthesia after subcutaneous injection of low-dose heparin in general abdominal surgery
J. Kassis, F. Fugère, S. Dubé

A needs assessment of surgical residents as teachers
B.W. Rotenberg, R.A. Woodhouse, M. Gilbart, C.R. Hutchison

Brief Communications · Communications abrégées

Visceral artery aneurysm
R.M. Janzen, W.T. Simpson

Surgical Technique · Technique chirurgicale

Needlescopic decapsulation of a splenic epithelial cyst
P.A. Seshadri, E.C. Poulin, J. Mamazza, C.M. Schlachta


69th Annual Meeting of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada