June 2000 • Juin 2000

Can J Surg 2000;43(3)

Editors’ View · Mot de la rédaction

Health care funding and surgical practice

J.P. Waddell

Financement des soins de santé et pratique de la chirurgie

J.P. Waddell

Quill on Scalpel · Plume et scalpel

A plea for early surgical intervention

M. Gross

Surgical Images · Imagier chirurgical

Soft-tissue images


P.S. Puligandla, R.L. Holliday

Musculoskeletal images

Bone and soft-tissue tumours

C.H. Gerrand, P. Robinson, A.M. Griffin

Radiology for the Surgeon · Chirurgie et radiologie

Soft-tissue case 33. Presentation & Diagnosis

L.A. Stein

Musculoskeletal case 10. Presentation

Musculoskeletal case 10. Diagnosis

P.L. Munk, M.J. Lee, J.X. O’Connell

Surgical Biology for the Clinician · Biologie chirurgicale pour le clinicien

The role of the macrophage in periprosthetic bone loss

J.P. Santerre, R.S Labow, E.L. Boynton

Review Article · Article de revue

The treatment of femoral shaft fractures in children: a systematic overview and critical appraisal of the literature

J.G. Wright

Original Articles · Articles originaux

Lymph-node staining with activated carbon CH40: a new method for axillary lymph-node dissection in breast cancer

T. Yokota, T. Saito, Y. Narushima, K. Iwamoto, M. Iizuka, A. Hagiwara, K. Sawai, S. Kikuchi, Y. Kunii, H. Yamauchi

Acetabular blood flow during total hip arthroplasty

A.W. ElMaraghy, E.H. Schemitsch, J.P. Waddell

Effect of mycophenolate mofetil in heart transplantation

P. Mathieu, M. Carrier, M. White, M. Pellerin, L. Perrault, G. Pelletier, D. Robitaille, L.C. Pelletier

Is clinical examination an accurate indicator of raised intra-abdominal pressure in critically injured patients?

A.W. Kirkpatrick, F.D. Brenneman, R.F. McLean, T. Rapanos, B.R. Boulanger

Perioperative blood transfusion and albumin administration are independent risk factors for the development of postoperative infections after colorectal surgery

M.G. Torchia, R.G. Danzinger

Brief Communications · Communications abrégées

Osteochondritis dissecans of the talar dome treated with an osteochondral autograft

E. Chang, E. Lenczner

Ex vivo liver resection

A.W. Hemming, R.S. Chari, M.S. Cattral

Umbilical pilonidal sinus

J.H. McClenathan

Compartment syndrome of the right anterior thigh after primary total hip arthroplasty

D.D. Mai, S.J. MacDonald, R.B. Bourne

Surgical Cornucopia · Pot pourri

A surgical sabbatical in France

F. Sutherland, B. Launois