December 1999 • Décembre 1999

Can J Surg 1999;42(6)

Editors’ View · Mot de la rédaction

The Journal moves into the new millennium / Le Journal passe au nouveau millénaire
J.L. Meakins

Quill on Scalpel · Plume et scalpel

Sentinel lymph-node biopsy in breast cancer
D.R. McCready, A.J. Bodurtha, N.L. Davis, S. Meterissian, J. Robert, W.J. Temple

Reducing arthroplasty costs
M. Gross

Surgical Images · Imagier chirurgical

Soft-tissue images. Choledochal cyst with virtual dochoscopy
P. Tiwari, R. Ens, N. Schmidt

Musculoskeletal images. Aneurysmal bone cyst of pelvis
H.K. Cheah, A.M. Griffin, L.M. White

Radiology for the Surgeon · Chirurgie et radiologie

Soft-tissue case 30. Presentation
L. Shulman, H. Mahallati, R. Gray
Soft-tissue case 30: Diagnosis

Musculoskeletal case 7. Presentation
D.M. Beingessner, A.R. Spouge, L.M. Thain, C.H. Rorabeck
Musculoskeletal case 7: Diagnosis

Review Article · Article de revue

D.R. Urbach, O.D. Rotstein

Surgical Biology for the Clinician · Biologie chirurgicale pour le clinicien

Frontiers in transplantation of insulin-secreting tissue for diabetes mellitus
G.L. Warnock

Original Articles · Articles originaux

Enzymatic antioxidant defence mechanism in rat intestinal tissue is changed after ischemia­reperfusion. Effects of an allopurinol plus antioxidant combination
M. Kaçmaz, H.S. Öztürk, M. Karaayvaz, C. Güven, Í. Durak

A population study in the Province of Ontario of the complications after conversion of hip or knee arthrodesis to total joint replacement
H.J. Kreder, J.I. Williams, S. Jaglal, T. Axcell, D. Stephen

Orthopedic management in autosomal recessive spastic ataxia of Charlevoix-Saguenay
M. Bouchard, G. Langlois

Reducing arthroplasty costs via vendor contracts
D.W.C. Johnston, L.A. Beaupré, D.M. Davies, R. Hessels

Role of surgical residents in undergraduate surgical education
M. Pelletier, P. Belliveau

Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis after total hip or knee arthroplasty: a survey of Canadian orthopedic surgeons
M. Gross, D.R. Anderson, S. Nagpal, B. O’Brien

Brief communications · Communications abrégées

Surgically correctable hypertension mistaken for Takayasu’s disease: a case report
K.S. MacKenzie, A.B. Hill, P.E. Blundell

Linitis plastica as the first indication of metastatic lobular carcinoma of the breast: case report and literature review
L.E. Ferri, R. Onerheim, C. Emond

SESAP Questions / Questions SESAP

SESAP Questions / Questions SESAP

Correspondence · Correspondance

Evaluating laparoscopic skills
C.M. Schlachta, J. Mamazza, E.C. Poulin; G.M. Fried, A.M. Derossis

Slipped capital femoral epiphysis
J.E. Herzenberg; J.G. Wright


Book Reviews