February 1996 • Février 1996

Can J Surg 1996;39(1)

Editors’ View / Mot de la rédaction

The journal evolves
J.L. Meakins

Le Journal évolue
J.L. Meakins

Quill on Scalpel / Plume et scalpel

Duplex scanning in renal and mesenteric artery occlusive disease
A.M. Graham

Trauma-room chest x-ray films
J.P. Waddell

Surgical Images / Imagier chirurgical

Bleeding Meckel’s diverticulum
D.P. Girvan

Radiology for the surgeon / Chirurgie et radiologie

Case 7. Presentation
M. Garant, L.A. Stein

Case 7. Diagnosis
M. Garant, L.A. Stein

Surgical practice / Pratique chirurgicale

Fluid resuscitation of the trauma patient: How much is enough?
S.M. Hamilton, P. Breakey


Follow-up of renal and mesenteric artery revascularization with duplex ultrasonography
D.C. Taylor, G.T.M. Houston, C. Anderson, M. Jameson, S. Popatia

Original Articles / Articles originaux

Comparison between open and arthroscopic acromioplasties: evaluation of absenteeism
P. Kinnard, K. Van Hoef, D. Major, R. Lirette

Indomethacin and ketorolac given preoperatively are equally effective in reducing early postoperative pain after laparoscopic cholecystectomy
A. Forse, H. El-Beheiry, P.O. Butler, R.F. Pace

Effect of pH modification by bicarbonate on pain after subcutaneous lidocaine injection
S.M. Parham, J.L. Pasieka

Role of the trauma-room chest x-ray film in assessing the patient with severe blunt traumatic injury
B.A. McLellan, J. Ali, M.J. Towers, P.W. Sharkey

Opening the pleura during internal mammary artery harvesting: advantages and disadvantages
I.M. Ali, P. Lau, C.E. Kinley, A. Sanalla

Case Reports / Études de cas

Dysphagia lusoria: extrathoracic surgical management
M. Taylor, K.A. Harris, A.G. Casson, G. DeRose, W.G. Jamieson

Colonic carcinoma presenting as an appendiceal abscess in a young woman
J.A. Ramsay, T.H. Rose, T. Ross

Post-traumatic small-bowel stricture: a case report
C.H.L. Law, F.D. Brenneman, S.B. Rizoli, B.R. Boulanger, S.S. Hanna

Blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome
M.M. Carr, C.G. Jamieson, G. Lal

Left hilar mass with obstruction of the main bronchus due to localized pseudoaneurysm of the thoracic aorta
J.M. Lukanich, A.A. Conlan

Infected internal iliac artery aneurysm: a case report
D. Hassan, B.G. Ulmer, D. McFadden

History of surgery / Histoire de chirurgie

Dr. Norman Bethune as a surgeon
I.B. Rosen

Notices / Avis

Reviewers 1995 / Examinateurs 1995

Book reviews / Critiques de livres