Surgical Images

An unusual presentation of perforated sigmoid colon

Hook nail in a pediatric patient

Tubular duplication of the esophagus

Sural neurocutaneous cross-leg flap

Necrotizing fasciitis of the abdominal wall

Postgastrectomy benign gastrojejunocolic fistula

Calcinosis cutis

Musculoskeletal Synchronous multifocal osteosarcoma

Transverse colonic intussusception

Multidirectional acromioclavicular joint instability posttrauma

Reccurent deep vein thrombosis caused by hypoplasia of the inferior vena cava

Elbow mass in a 58-year-old woman

Tension pyopneumothorax

Recurrent aneurysms

Giant cell tumour of the sacrum

Gastrointestinal stromal tumour of the stomach

Costal hemangioma presenting as rib pain after pneumonia

Incarcerated gallbladder in a parastomal hernia

Scapulothoracic dissociation

Müllerian cyst of the upper abdomen: a lesion mimicking pancreatic cystadenoma

Imaging in musculoskeletal trauma: the value of magnetic resonance imaging for traumatic pediatric hip dislocations

Right paraduodenal hernia

Delayed cauda equina syndrome due to a sacral insufficiency fracture missed after a minor trauma

Laparoscopic resection of a renal hilar pheochromocytoma

Acetabular cartilage delamination demonstrated by magnetic resonance arthrography: inverted “Oreo” cookie sign

Obstructing colon carcinoma in an irreducible scrotal hernia

Segmental colonic ischemia mimicking appendicitis

Femoral fracture in adult osteogenesis imperfecta

Splenic littoral cell angioma

Knee-joint tuberculosis

Proximal jejunal gastrointestinal stromal tumour

Silicone synovitis

“Phrygian cap” gallbladder

Chronic osteomyelitis

Ingestion of a knife into the right mainstem bronchus

Diffuse cavernous rectal hemangioma

Charcot arthropathy

Appendiceal inguinal hernia

Tuberculous osteomyelitis

Pleuropericardial cyst

Pseudomyxoma peritonei and villous adenoma of the appendix

C3 aneurysmal bone cyst

Trocar-site hernia after laparoscopic procedures

Malignant degeneration of heterotopic pancreas

Ecthyma gangrenosum: a deceptively benign skin lesion in febrile neutropenia

Ganglion cyst of Guyon’s canal causing ulnar nerve compression

Bullet embolism

Desmoplastic fibroma of the thigh

Retroperitoneal venous angioma

Acetabular tuberculous osteomyelitis

Portal vein thrombosis and gas formation: unusual presentation of colon cancer

Clavicular soft-tissue mass

Video-assisted thrombectomy of a mechanical prosthetic valve

Bilateral insufficiency fracture of the femoral neck

Melanosis coli

Soft-tissue mass at the site of a previous total knee arthroplasty

Hydatid disease of the liver

Migration of the patellar component causing popliteal artery occlusion

Mediastinal goitre

Bone and soft-tissue tumours


Secondary signs of patellofemoral dislocation

Bilateral large iliac artery aneurysms

Osteogenic sarcoma in the soft tissues of the hip

Abdominal actinomycosis

Aneurysmal bone cyst of pelvis

Choledochal cyst with virtual dochoscopy

Early bone changes in hyperparathyroidism detected on magnetic resonance imaging

Abdominal aortic aneurysm causing lumbar plexus neuropraxis

Granuloma of the buttock after uncemented total hip arthroplasty

Intestinal nonrotation in the adult

Malignant change in long-standing enchondroma

Meckel’s diverticulitis

Adrenocortical adenocarcinoma presentingas Conn’s syndrome

Malignant transformation in familial osteochondromatosis?

Persistent left superior vena cava

Strangulated Meckel’s diverticulum

Colonic angiodysplasia

Neoplastic pulmonary embolism

Aortoduodenal fistula

Laparoscopic view of Clonorchis sinensis

Aorta to left atrial fistula

Complete femoral osteolysis associated with pathologic fracture

Ultrasound diagnosis of acute appendicitis

Sister Joseph’s nodule

Pneumatosis intestinalis

Hepatoma, paroxysmal dyspnea and diaphragmatic hump

Fournier’s gangrene

Neurilemoma of the ulnar nerve

Biliary-tract diagnosis by magnetic resonance imaging

Thymoma found during routine cardiac imaging

Multiple endocrine neoplasia type IIB

Bleeding Meckel’s diverticulum