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Can J Surg 2020 July-August;63(4)

Research • Recherche

Operative timing is associated with increased morbidity and mortality in patients undergoing emergency general surgery: a multisite study of emergency general services in a single academic network
M.T. Meschino, A.E. Giles, T.J. Rice, M. Saddik, A.G. Doumouras, R. Nenshi, L. Allen, K. Vogt, P.T. Engels

Endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm in octogenarians: clinical outcomes and complications
S. Raju, N. Eisenberg, J. Montbriand, G. Roche-Nagle

Acute care surgery, trauma and disaster relief: a clinical exchange between the University of British Columbia and the Mexican Red Cross
J. Margolick, L. Yin, S. Joharifard, A. Afya, M. Velez, E. Meza, S. Sohani, C. Laane, E. Ball-Banting, E. Joos

Feasibility analysis for the development of a video-assisted thoracoscopic (VATS) lobectomy 23-hour recovery pathway
T.-C. Dumitra, J.-C. Molina, J. Mouhanna, I. Nicolau, S. Renaud, L. Aubin, A. Siblini, D. Mulder, L. Ferri, J. Spicer

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Surgical training in the midst of a pandemic: a distributed general surgery residency program’s response to COVID-19
G.C. Hintz, K.C. Duncan, E.M. Mackay, T.M. Scott, A.A. Karimuddin


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