Current Issue

Can J Surg 2020 September-October;63(5)

Commentary • Commentaire

Addressing the mental health of Canadians waiting for elective surgery: a potential positive post-pandemic legacy
S.M. Wiseman, T. Crump, E. Cadesky, J.M. Sutherland

Joint replacements in the Canadian Armed Forces
M. Talbot

Redesigning operating room booking in a tertiary care academic centre during the COVID-19 pandemic
M. Tanzer, S. Racaniello, L. Feldman

The impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian Kidney Paired Donation program: an opportunity for universal implementation of kidney shipping
T.B. McGregor, A. Sener, K. Yetzer, C. Gillrie, S. Paraskevas

Research • Recherche

Impact on cardiac surgery volume of a comprehensive partnership with Integrated Health Solutions
A. Watling, J. Doucet, M. Zohrabi, J. Fedirko, A. Hassan, S. Lutchmedial, J. MacLeod, Z. Pozeg, C. Brown, J-F. Légaré

Evaluation of trauma resources in rural northern Alberta identifies opportunities for improvement
H.Y. Jiang, A. MacLean, J. Yoon, S. Hughes, M.J. Kim, R.V. Anantha, S.L. Widder; on behalf of the Edmonton Zone Trauma and Acute Care Collaborative (EZ-TRACC)

General surgery in Canada: current scope of practice and future needs
T. Schroeder, C. Sheppard, D. Wilson; C. Champion, S. DiMillo, R. Kirkpatrick, S. Hiscock, R. Friesen, L. Smithson, P. Miles

Direct anterior versus posterior approach for total hip arthroplasty: a multicentre, prospective, randomized clinical trial
K. Moerenhout, P. Derome, G.Y. Laflamme, S. Leduc, H.S. Gaspard, B. Benoit

Early identification of the need for major intervention in patients with traumatic hemorrhage: development and internal validation of a simple bleeding score
A. Tran, M. Taljaard, K.E. Abdulaziz, M. Matar, J. Lampron, E.W. Steyerberg, C. Vaillancourt

Patterns of complex emergency general surgery in Canada
K.N. Vogt, L. Allen, P.B. Murphy, R. van Heest, F. Saleh, S. Widder, S. Minor, P.T. Engels, E. Joos, R. Nenshi, M.T. Meschino, C. Laane, A. Lacoul, N.G. Parry, C.G. Ball, S.M. Hameed

The emergence of the physician assistant role in a Canadian acute care surgery setting
A. Lack, M. Saddik, P. Engels, S. Lethbridge, R. Nenshi

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Modelling the backlog of COVID-19 cases for a surgical group
D.M. Brandman, E. Leck, S. Christie

Conducting an international curriculum review meeting in the age of COVID-19
R. Lett, R. Bola, R. Boniface, G. Eamer, G. Gathecha

Optimal treatments for hepato-pancreato-biliary trauma in severely injured patients: a narrative scoping review
L. Streith, J. Silverberg, A.W. Kirkpatrick, S.M. Hameed, O.F. Bathe, C.G. Ball


Correction to “Sustainability of an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery initiative for elective colorectal resections in a community hospital”