May – June 2021 • Mai – Juin 2021

Can J Surg 2021 May-June;64(3)

Editorial • Éditorial

Predatory journal publishing: Is this an alternate universe?
E. Harvey, C.G. Ball

Revues prédatrices : Sommes-nous face à un « univers alternatif »?
E. Harvey, C.G. Ball

Research • Recherche

Wait times, resource use and health-related quality of life across the continuum of care for patients referred for total knee replacement surgery
Y. Lebedeva, L. Churchill, J. Marsh, S.J. MacDonald, J.R. Giffin, D. Bryant

Prospective randomized trial of continuous femoral nerve block with posterior capsular injection versus periarticular injection for analgesia in primary total knee arthroplasty
S. Aragola, B. Arenson, M. Tenenbein, E. Bohm, E. Jacobsohn, T. Turgeon

Prolonged surgical time increases the odds of complications following total knee arthroplasty
M.W. Morcos, L. Nowak, E. Schemitsch

A systematic review of global surgery partnerships and a proposed framework for sustainability
N. Jedrzejko, J. Margolick, J.H. Nguyen, M. Ding, P. Kisa, E. Ball-Banting, S.M. Hameed, E. Joos

Impact of the acute care surgery model on resident operative experience in emergency general surgery
M.T. Meschino, A.E. Giles, P.T. Engels, T.J. Rice, R. Nenshi, M.J. Marcaccio

Assessing the acceptability of script concordance testing: a nationwide study in otolaryngology
A-A. Leclerc, L.H.P. Nguyen, B. Charlin. S. Lubarsky, T. Ayad

Identification of hypercoagulability with thrombelastography in patients with hip fracture receiving thromboprophylaxis
D. You, L. Skeith, R. Korley, P. Cantle, A. Lee, P. McBeth, B. McDonald, R. Buckley, P. Duffy, C.R. Martin, A. Soo, P. Schneider

Safety and efficacy of a strategy of vitamin K antagonist reversal with prothrombin complex concentrates compared to vitamin K in patients with hip fracture
L. Jay-Caillierez, A. Friggeri, A. Viste, M. Lefevre, E. Decullier, L. Bernard, V. Piriou, J-S. David

A Delphi study to identify prehospital and emergency department trauma care modifiers for older adults
K. Yadav, V. Boucher, N. Le Sage, C. Malo, É. Mercier, P. Voyer, J. Clément, M. Émond

Review • Revue

From cellular function to global impact: the vascular perspective on COVID-19
S.A. Strauss, C. Seo, M. Carrier, P. Jetty

Preventing hip fractures with multidisciplinary teams: a Canadian perspective
E. Sanders, J. Dobransky, L. Cheaitani, N. Harris, A. Liew, S. Papp, G. Grammatopoulos

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on bariatric surgery delivery in Edmonton, Alberta: a single-centre experience
N. Abu-Omar, G. Marcil, V. Mocanu, J.T. Dang, N. Switzer, A. Kanji, D. Birch, S. Karmali

Critical fail concepts in surgery: highlighting the “must-know” concepts
A. Abdalkhani, G. Blair

Predatory publishing solicitation: a review of a single surgeon’s inbox and implications for information technology resources at an organizational level
M. McKenzie, D. Nickerson, C.G. Ball

Canadian surgeon and resident involvement in international plastic surgery
Y. Ying, C. Malic