November – December 2020 • Novembre – Décembre 2020

Can J Surg 2020 November-December;63(6)

Editorial • Éditorial

Do we need to reassess the meaning of “team” in our health care environments?
C.G. Ball, E.J. Harvey, M. Davis

Devons-nous revoir la définition d’« équipe » dans nos milieux de soins?
C.G. Ball, E.J. Harvey, M. Davis

Commentary • Commentaire

Invasive Candida albicans fungal infection requiring explantation of a noncrosslinked porcine derived biologic mesh: a rare but catastrophic complication in abdominal wall reconstruction
I. Ober, D. Nickerson, M. Caragea, C.G. Ball, A.W. Kirkpatrick

Review • Revue

Robot-assisted coronary artery bypass surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis of comparative studies
F. Hammal, F. Nagase, D. Menon, I. Ali, J. Nagendran, T. Stafinski

North–South surgical training partnerships: a systematic review
T. Greive-Price, H. Mistry, R. Baird

Strategies to improve communication in telementoring in acute care coordination: a scoping review
L. Hampton, P. Brindley, A. Kirkpatrick, J. McKee, J. Regehr, D. Martin, A. LaPorta, J. Park, A. Vergis, L. Gillman

Do we have the guts to go? The abdominal compartment, intra-abdominal hypertension, the human microbiome and exploration class space missions
A.W. Kirkpatrick, D.R. Hamilton, J.L. McKee, B. McDonald, P. Pelosi, C.G. Ball, D.J. Roberts, P.B. McBeth, F. Coccolini, L. Ansaloni, B.M. Peireira, M. Sugrue, M.R. Campbell, E.J. Kimball, M.L.N.G. Malbrain

Research • Recherche

Predictors of farther mobilization on day of surgery and shorter length of stay after total joint arthroplasty
S. Gautreau, R. Haley, O.N. Gould, D.D. Canales, T. Mann, M.E. Forsythe

Derivation of a complication burden score based on disability-adjusted life years to assess patient burden following surgery: a pilot study
S. Mohtashami, N. Safa, E. Guadagno, R. Baird, D. Poenaru

Examination of total hip and knee arthroplasty tissues
K. Cormier, M.K. Shahid, G. Fischer, E. Bohm

Return on investment of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) multiguideline, multisite implementation in Alberta, Canada
N.X. Thanh, A. Nelson, X. Wang, P. Faris, T. Wasylak, L. Gramlich, G. Nelson

Thromboprophylaxis practice patterns and beliefs among physicians treating patients with abdominopelvic cancers at a Canadian centre
K. McAlpine, R.H. Breau, M. Carrier, P.D. Violette, C. Knee, I. Cagiannos, C. Morash, L.T. Lavallée

Predictors of mortality and cost among surgical patients requiring rapid response team activation
A. Tran, S.M. Fernando, D.I. McIsaac, B. Rochwerg, G. Mok, A.J.E. Seely, D. Kubelik, K. Inaba, D.Y. Kim, P.M. Reardon, J. Shen, P. Tanuseputro, K. Thavorn, K. Kyeremanteng

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Can machine learning optimize the efficiency of the operating room in the era of COVID-19?
N. Rozario, D. Rozario

Prospective study of single-stage repair of contaminated hernias with the novel use of calcium sulphate antibiotic beads in conjunction with biologic porcine submucosa tissue graft
A. Drohan, S. Minor

The Department of Surgery of the Université de Montréal, 70th anniversary
M. Carrier, L. Guertin,  J- F. Latulipe, M. Pellerin, S. Parent, A. Roy, L.P. Perrault

A systems approach to the management of acute surgical pain and reduction of opioid use: the approach of Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital
D. Rozario


Correction to “Do we have the guts to go? The abdominal compartment, intra-abdominal hypertension, the human microbiome and exploration class space missions”