February 2019 • Février 2019

Can J Surg 2019;62(1)

Editorial • Éditorial

Burnout should not be a silent epidemic
E.J. Harvey

Ne pas passer sous silence l’épidémie de burn-out
E.J. Harvey

Commentary • Commentaire

Reinventing the wheel in scoliosis surgery: effective strategies for safely improving efficiency
J. Bourget-Murray, F. Ferri-de-Barros

Research • Recherche

Concordance between laboratories in metal ion testing in patients with metal-on-metal hip implants
R. Saini, P. Railton, J. Boyd, H. Sadrzadeh, J.N. Powell

Results of Octaplex for reversal of warfarin anticoagulation in patients with hip fracture
R. Ng, M.-T. Shabani-Rad

Significant cost savings and similar patient outcomes associated with early discharge following total knee arthroplasty
J. Marsh, L. Somerville, J.L. Howard, B.A. Lanting

Impact of sequential implementation of multimodal perioperative care pathways on colorectal surgical outcomes
K. D’Souza, J.-I. Choi, J. Wootton, T. Wallace

Incidence and predictors of postoperative delirium in the older acute care surgery population: a prospective study
B. Saravana-Bawan, L.M. Warkentin, D. Rucker, F. Carr, T.A. Churchill, R.G. Khadaroo

Quantifying recall bias in surgical safety: a need for a modern approach to morbidity and mortality reviews
H. Alsubaie, M. Goldenberg, T. Grantcharov

Can we reduce ischemic cholangiopathy rates in donation after cardiac death liver transplantation after 10 years of practice? Canadian single-centre experience
M.E. Tun-Abraham, K.N. Wanis, C. Garcia-Ochoa, N. Sela, H. Sharma, I. Al Hasan, D. Quan, B. Al-Judaibi, M. Levstik, R. Hernandez-Alejandro

Clinical outcomes of single-incision robotic cholecystectomy versus conventional 3-port laparoscopic cholecystectomy
S.R. Lee, H.O. Kim, J.H. Shin

Review • Revue

Understanding the patellofemoral joint in total knee arthroplasty
J. Matz, B.A. Lanting, J.L. Howard

Utility of the Vascular Quality Initiative in improving quality of care in Canadian patients undergoing vascular surgery
E. Liao, N. Eisenberg, A. Kaushal, J. Montbriand, K.-T. Tan, G. Roche-Nagle

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Can we improve the efficiency of care in patients with colorectal cancer from the time of their initial referral for colonoscopy to surgical resection?
N. Kloos, D. Keren, S. Gregg, A.R. Maclean, E. Dixon, R. Mohamed, R. Rochon, C.G. Ball

How well do we do what we do, and how do we know it? The importance of patient-reported experience measures in assessing our patients’ experience of care
D. Rozario

Evaluation of common suturing techniques to secure implantable cardiac electronic device leads: Which strategy best reduces the lead dislodgement risk?
S. Rezazadeh, S. Wang, J. Rizkallah

The importance of costing perspective: an example evaluating the cost-effectiveness of a locking versus nonlocking plate in medial opening wedge high tibial osteotomy
C.A. Primeau, J.D. Marsh, T.B. Birmingham, J.R. Giffin

Expanding the trauma code to other causes of hemorrhagic shock — ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms
C. Chehroudi, J. Patapas, J. Lampron, P. Jetty

Phyllodes tumour of the breast and margins: How much is enough?
S. Ogunbiyi, A. Perry, K. Jakate, J. Simpson, R. George

Reviewers 2018 • Examinateurs 2018

Reviewers 2018 / Examinateurs 2018

Letters • Lettres

Breast reconstruction: no need to “break new ground”
D. Ross

Author response
L. Peiris