December 2018 • Décembre 2018

Can J Surg 2018;61(6)

Editorial • Éditorial

Tyranny of the pain score question after surgery
V.C. McAlister

La tyrannie de la question sur le score de douleur postopératoire
V.C. McAlister

History of surgery: First World War
Histoire de la chirurgie : Première Guerre Mondiale

After the war is over: the role of General Sir Arthur Currie in the development of academic medicine in Canada
A.M.J. Hyatt, A. Beckett, V.C. McAlister

Research • Recherche

Optimizing outpatient total hip arthroplasty: perspectives of key stakeholders
L. Churchill, M. Pollock, Y. Lebedeva, N. Pasic, D. Bryant, J. Howard, B. Lanting, D. Laliberte Rudman

Surgical treatment choices for breast cancer in Newfoundland and Labrador: a retrospective cohort study
F. McCrate, E. Dicks, E. Powell, J. Chafe, R. Roome, C. Simmonds, H. Etchegary

Comparison of knot-tying proficiency and knot characteristics for square and reversing half hitch alternating-post surgical knots in a simulated deep body cavity among novice medical students
V. Wu, C. Yeung, E.A. Sykes, B. Zevin

Cost of open and laparoscopic distal gastrectomy: surgeon perceptions versus the reality of hospital spending
L. Abraham, N. Goyert, D.J. Kagedan, A. MacNeill, M.C. Cleghorn, J. Hallet, F.A. Quereshy, N.G. Coburn

“Hockey wrist”: dorsal ulnotriquetral ligament injury
E. Sandman, M. Boily, P.A. Martineau

Effect of rater training on the reliability of technical skill assessments: a randomized controlled trial
R.L. Robertson, A. Vergis, L.M. Gillman, J. Park

High complication rate among patients undergoing appendectomy in Ontario: a population-based retrospective cohort study
S.V. Patel, S. Nanji, S.B. Brogly, K. Lajkosz, P.A. Groome, S. Merchant

The state of transcatheter aortic valve implantation training in Canadian cardiac surgery residency programs
D.Y. Tam, A. Makhdoum, M. Ouzounian, H.C. Wijeysundera, G.N. Cohen, S.E. Fremes

Understanding the surgical care needs and use of outpatient surgical care services among homeless patients at the Ottawa Hospital
L. Zuccaro, C. Champion, S. Bennett, Y. Ying

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurghie

Surgical management of benign phyllodes tumours of the breast: Is wide local excision really necessary?
Y. Qian, M.L. Quan, T. Ogilvi, A. Bouchard-Fortier


Reflections on recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of injured service members and veterans from a bio-psychosocial-spiritual perspective