December 2016 • Décembre 2016

Can J Surg 2016;59(6)

Editorial • Éditorial

The benefits and risks of requiring researchers to share data
E.J. Harvey, V.C. McAlister

Les avantages et les risques d’exiger que les chercheurs partagent leurs données
E.J. Harvey, V.C. McAlister

Commentary • Commentaire

Remembering Dr. Frederick Griffith Pearson
R.J. Finley

Unpacking the financial costs of “bariatric tourism” gone wrong: Who holds responsibility for costs to the Canadian health care system?
J.C. Snyder, D.S. Silva, V.A. Crooks

History of surgery: first world war
Histoire de la chirurgie : première guerre mondiale

Western University (No. 10 Canadian Stationary Hospital and No. 14 Canadian General Hospital): a study of medical volunteerism in the First World War
A.C. Istl, V.C. McAlister

Research • Recherche

Use of intraosseous devices in trauma: a survey of trauma practitioners in Canada, Australia and New Zealand
P.T. Engels, M. Erdogan, S.L. Widder, M.B. Butler, N. Kureshi, K. Martin, R.S. Green

Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in the Maritimes: examining the waves of change over time
A.C. Ednie, O. Amram, J.C. Creaser, N. Schuurman, S. Leclerc, N. Yanchar

The use of computer-assisted surgery as an educational tool for the training of orthopedic surgery residents in pedicle screw placement: a pilot study and survey among orthopedic residents
A. Aoude, H. Alhamzah, M. Fortin, P. Jarzem, J. Ouellet, M.H. Weber

Higher-risk mitral valve operations after previous sternotomy: endoscopic, minimally invasive approach improves patient outcomes
K.L. Losenno, P.M. Jones, M. Valdis, S.A. Fox, B. Kiaii, M.W.A. Chu

The development and validation of a multivariable model to predict whether patients referred for total knee replacement are suitable surgical candidates at the time of initial consultation
L. Churchill, S.J. Malian, B.M. Chesworth, D. Bryant, S.J. MacDonald, J.D. Marsh, J.R. Giffin

An economic evaluation of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) multisite implementation program for colorectal surgery in Alberta
N.X. Thanh, A.W. Chuck, T. Wasylak, J. Lawrence, P. Faris, O. Ljungqvist,
G. Nelson, L.M. Gramlich

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Enabling front line–driven perioperative quality improvement through organizational infrastructure built around the Comprehensive Unit Based Safety Program
H. Moloo, R. Brooke, S. Sundaresan, B. Skinner, Alan Berg, P. Doering, J. Worthington, A. Forster, D. Schramm

The Web-based CanMEDS Resident Learning Portfolio Project (WEBCAM): how we got started
P. Glen, F. Balaa, F. Momoli, L. Martin, D. Found, A. Arnaout

Preoperative repeat endoscopy for colorectal cancer: What is its role and when is it necessary?
W.J. Choi, M.C. Cleghorn, F.A. Quereshy

The International Association of Student Surgical Societies: creation and dissemination
T. Chandauka, A. Leusink, M. Hsiao, D. Kahn, G. Azzie