Penetrating nontorso trauma: the extremities

Penetrating nontorso trauma: the extremities

Can J Surg 2015;58(4):286-288 | PDF

Chad G. Ball MD, MSc


Similar to penetrating torso trauma, nontorso injuries have undergone a fascinating oscillation between invasive and noninvasive approaches. This article discusses an organized approach to the evaluation and initial treatment of penetrating extremity injuries based on regional anatomy and clinical examination. The approach is reliable, efficient and minimizes both delays in diagnosis and missed injuries. Outpatient follow- up is particularly important for patients with extremity injuries who are discharged home from the emergency department.

Accepted for publication Mar. 4, 2015

Affiliations: From the Department of Surgery, University of Calgary, and the Foothills Medical Centre, Calgary, Alta.

Competing interests: None declared

DOI: 10.1503/cjs.005815

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