Endoscopy training in Canadian general surgery residency programs

Endoscopy training in Canadian general surgery residency programs

Can J Surg 2015;58(3):150-152 | PDF

Nori L. Bradley, MD, MSc(Kin), MSc(HSQ); Amy Bazzerelli, MD, BScPT; Jenny Lim, MD, MHSc; Valerie Wu Chao Ying, MDCM; Sarah Steigerwald, MD, MSc; Matt Strickland, MD on behalf of the CAGS Residents Committee


Currently, general surgeons provide about 50% of endoscopy services across Canada and an even greater proportion outside large urban centres. It is essential that endoscopy remain a core component of general surgery practice and a core competency of general surgery residency training. The Canadian Association of General Surgeons Residents Committee supports the position that quality endoscopy training for all Canadian general surgery residents is in the best interest of the Canadian public. However, the means by which quality endoscopy training is achieved has not been defined at a national level. Endoscopy training in Canadian general surgery residency programs requires standardization across the country and improved measurement to ensure that competency and basic credentialing requirements are met.

Accepted for publication Nov 11, 2014

Affiliations: From the Departments of General Surgery at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC (Bradley), the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ont. (Bazzarelli), Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS (Lim), McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont. (Wu), University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Man. (Steigerwald) and the University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont. (Strickland); and the CAGS Residents’ Committee (all authors).

Competing interests: None declared.

Contributors: All authors contributed substantially to the conception, writing and revision of this commentary and approved the final version for publication.

DOI: 10.1503/cjs.008514

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