December 2013 • Décembre 2013

Can J Surg 2013;56(6)

Editorial • Éditorial

Consensus ad idem: a protocol for development of consensus statements
V. McAlister

Consensus ad idem : une démarche pour la formulation de déclarations de consensus
V. McAlister

Commentary • Commentaire

CAGS Clinical Practice Committee report: the science of Clostridium difficile and surgery
S. Karmali, M. Laffin, C. de Gara; the CAGS Clinical Practice Committee

Research • Recherche

The reliability of differentiating neurogenic claudication from vascular claudication based on symptomatic presentation
M. Nadeau, M.P. Rosas-Arellano, K.R. Gurr, S.I. Bailey, D.C. Taylor, R. Grewal, D.K. Lawlor, C.S. Bailey

Functional outcomes and cost estimation for extra-articular and simple intra-articular distal radius fractures treated with open reduction and internal fixation versus closed reduction and percutaneous Kirschner wire fixation
I. Dzaja, J.C. MacDermid, J. Roth, R. Grewal

Limited adequacy of thyroid cancer patient follow-up at a Canadian tertiary care centre
E. Lam, S.S. Strugnell, C. Bajdik, D. Holmes, S.M. Wiseman

Quality of inguinal hernia operative reports: room for improvement
G.W. Ma, A. Pooni, S.S. Forbes, C. Eskicioglu, E. Pearsall, F.D. Brenneman, R.S. McLeod

On-pump beating-heart versus conventional coronary artery bypass grafting for revascularization in patients with severe left ventricular dysfunction: early outcomes
B. Erkut, O. Dag, M.A. Kaygin, M. Senocak, H.K. Limandal, U. Arslan, A. Kiymaz, A. Aydin, N. Kahraman, E.S. Calik

Validity of vascular trauma codes at major trauma centres
A. Altoijry, M. Al-Omran, T.F. Lindsay, K.W. Johnston, M. Melo, M. Mamdani

Jejunostomy tube feeding in patients undergoing esophagectomy
S.K. Srinathan, T. Hamin, S. Walter, A.L. Tan, H.W. Unruh, G. Guyatt

Uptake of an innovation in surgery: observations from the cluster-randomized Quality Initiative in Rectal Cancer trial
M. Simunovic, A. Coates, A. Smith, L. Thabane, C.H. Goldsmith, M.N. Levine

Complications following hip arthroscopy: a retrospective review of the McMaster experience (2009–2012)
K. Chan, F. Farrokhyar, S. Burrow, M. Kowalczuk, M. Bhandari, O.R. Ayeni

Self-directed practice schedule enhances learning of suturing skills
O. Safir, C.K. Williams, A. Dubrowski, D. Backstein, H. Carnahan

Patterns of use and outcomes for radiation therapy in the Quality Initiative in Rectal Cancer (QIRC) trial
V. Francescutti, A. Coates, L. Thabane, C.H. Goldsmith, M.N. Levine, M. Simunovic

Timeliness in obtaining emergent percutaneous procedures in severely injured patients: How long is too long and should we create quality assurance guidelines?
A. Smith, J.-F. Ouellet, D. Niven, A.W. Kirkpatrick, E. Dixon, S. D’Amours, C.G. Ball

Comparison of laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass with laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for morbid obesity or type 2 diabetes mellitus: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
J.-F. Li, D.-D. Lai, B. Ni, K.-X. Sun

Outcomes: wedge resection versus lobectomy for non–small cell lung cancer at the Cancer Centre of Southeastern Ontario 1998–2009
A.L. McGuire, W.M. Hopman, D. Petsikas, K. Reid

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery

Does the long-term use of aspirin decrease the risk of death due to cancer?
P.K. Chaudhury, W.J. Stephen, E.J. Dozois; Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery Group

Correspondence • Correspondance

Is the culture of surgery still a gender issue?
H.M.T. McGrath, T.J. Brew, O.J. Warren

Is the culture of surgery still a gender issue? The authors respond.
J.B. Brown, M. Fluit, C. Herbert, B. Lent

Comment on “Comparison of the major intraoperative and postoperative complications between unilateral and sequential bilateral total knee arthroplasty in a high-volume community hospital”
N. Razii, R. Morgan-Jones

Comment on “Comparison of the major intraoperative and postoperative complications between unilateral and sequential bilateral total knee arthroplasty in a high-volume community hospital”: the authors respond
E. Spicer, G.R. Thomas, E.J. Rumble