April 2011 • Avril 2011

Can J Surg 2011;54(2)

Editorial • Éditorial

The continuing challenge of surgical access
G.L. Warnock

Le défi continu de l’accès aux soins chirurgicaux
G.L. Warnock

Research • Recherche

Ambulatory treatment of chronic pilonidal sinuses with lateral incision and primary suture
H. Maghsoudi, N. Nezami, A.A. Ghamari

Incidental thyroid “PETomas”: clinical significance and novel description of the self-resolving variant of focal FDG-PET thyroid uptake
H. Nishimori, R. Tabah, M. Hickeson, J. How

Foxp3+ regulatory T cells and the formation of portal vein tumour thrombus in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma
S.L. Shen, L.J. Liang, B.G. Peng, Q. He, M. Kuang, J.M. Lai

Surgeons’ and residents’ double-gloving practices at 2 teaching hospitals in Ontario
T. Haines, B. Stringer, J. Herring, A. Thoma, K.A. Harris

Association of preoperative parameters with postoperative mortality and long-term survival after liver transplantation
D. Vrochides, M. Hassanain, J. Barkun, J. Tchervenkov, S. Paraskevas, P. Chaudhury, M. Cantarovich, M. Deschenes, P. Wong, P. Ghali, G. Chan, P. Metrakos

Development of pediatric wait time access targets
J.G. Wright, K. Li, C. Seguin, M. Booth, P. Fitzgerald, S. Jones, K.K. Leitch, B. Willis

Uncrossmatched blood transfusions for trauma patients in the emergency department: incidence, outcomes and recommendations
C.G. Ball, J.P. Salomone, B. Shaz, C.J. Dente, C. Tallah, K. Anderson, G.S. Rozycki, D.V. Feliciano

Value of an objective assessment tool in the operating room
E. Hiemstra, W. Kolkman, R. Wolterbeek, B. Trimbos, F.W. Jansen

Impact of Gastrografin in clinical practice in the management of adhesive small bowel obstruction
S. Srinivasa, N. Thakore, S. Abbas, M. Mahmood, A.A. Kahokehr, A.G. Hill

Effect of increased MRI and CT scan utilization on clinical decision-making in patients referred to a surgical clinic for back pain
A.L.K. Li, D. Yen

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Laparoscopic colostomy reversal after a Hartmann procedure: a prospective series, literature review and an argument against laparotomy as the primary approach
H. Huynh, D.C. Trottier, C.M. Soto, H. Moloo, E.C. Poulin, J. Mamazza, R.P. Boushey

Early results of a Canadian laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy experience
C. Behrens, B.Q. Tang, B.J. Amson