April 2010 • Avril 2010

Can J Surg 2010;53(2)

Editorial • Éditorial

Dynamic growth of the acute care surgery model
G.L. Warnock

Croissance dynamique du modèle de chirurgie en soins actifs
G.L. Warnock

Quill and Scalpel • Plume et scalpel

General surgery 2.0: the emergence of acute care surgery in Canada
S.M. Hameed, F.D. Brenneman, C.G. Ball, J. Pagliarello, T. Razek, N. Parry, S. Widder, S. Minor, A. Buczkowski, C. MacPherson, A. Johner, D. Jenkin, L. Wood, K. McLoughlin, I. Anderson, D. Davey, B. Zabolotny, R. Saadia, J. Bracken, A. Nathens, N. Ahmed, O. Panton, G.L. Warnock

Acute care surgery: a new strategy for the general surgery patients left behind
C.G. Ball, S.M. Hameed, F.D. Brenneman

Research • Recherche

The role of surgeons in identifying emerging technologies for health technology assessment
T. Stafinski, L.-A. Topfer, K. Zakariasen, D. Menon

Kidney and liver transplants from donors after cardiac death: initial experience at the London Health Sciences Centre
R. Hernandez-Alejandro, Y. Caumartin, P.J. Marotta, C. Ghent, M.A. Levstik, D. Quan, N. Muirhead, A.A. House, V. McAlister, A.M. Jevnikar, P.P.W. Luke, W. Wall

Experience with physician assistants in a Canadian arthroplasty program
E.R. Bohm, M. Dunbar, D. Pitman, C. Rhule, J. Araneta

Conservative management of well-differentiated thyroid cancer
M. Hassanain, M. Wexler
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Effects of implementation of an urgent surgical care service on subspecialty general surgery training
L. Wood, A. Buczkowski, O.M.N. Panton, R.S. Sidhu, S.M. Hameed

Review • Revue

Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: an innovative new tool in the battle against the obesity epidemic in Canada
S. Karmali, P. Schauer, D. Birch, A.M. Sharma, V. Sherman

Continuing Medical Education • Formation médicale continue

Practical Tips for Surgical Research: Ethical issues in surgical research
P.J. McDonald, A.V. Kulkarni, F. Farrokhyar, M. Bhandari

Case Series: Scars and perforator-based flaps in the abdominal region: A contraindication?
A. Dragu, F. Unglaub, M.B. Wolf, J.P. Beier, S.M.K. Schnabl, U. Kneser, M. Leffler, R.E. Horch