August 1999 • Août 1999

Can J Surg 1999;42(4)

Editors’ View • Mot de la rédaction

Cornucopia / Pot pourri
J.L. Meakins

Quill on Scalpel • Plume et scalpel

Indications for surgery in our global village
R.H. Taylor

Surgical Images • Imagier chirurgical

Soft-tissue images. Intestinal nonrotation in the adult
R. Janzen, B. Sullivan, N. Schmidt
Musculoskeletal images. Granuloma of the buttock after uncemented total hip arthroplasty
J. Shen, A.M. Griffin, A.E. Gross, R.S. Bell

Radiology for the Surgeon • Chirurgie et radiologie

Soft-tissue case 28. Presentation
A.D. Olivier, W.Y. Hu
Soft-tissue case 28. Diagnosis
Musculoskeletal case 5. Presentation
J.C. Hodge
Musculoskeletal case 5. Diagnosis

Review Article • Article de revue

Ovarian carcinoma of low maligant potential treated at the Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, between 1973 and 1997
V. Hinke, M.C. Martin

Surgical Biology for the Clinician • Biologie chirurgicale pour le clinicien

Molecular alterations in bone and soft-tissue sarcoma
R.S. Bell, J. Wunder, I. Andrulis

Canadian Orthopaedic Association • Association canadienne d’orthopédie

Presidential address 1998. In search of daylight
D.P. Petrie

Treatment of osteonecrosis of the femoral head by free vascularized fibular grafting: an analysis of surgical outcome and patient health status
B.E. Louie, M.D. McKee, R.R. Richards, J.L. Mahoney, J.P. Waddell, D.E. Beaton, E.H. Schemitsch, D.J. Yoo

Original Articles • Articles originaux

Randomized, controlled trial of bupivacaine injection to decrease pain after laparoscopic cholecystectomy
D. Dath, A.E. Park

Sickle cell disease of the spine in children
E. Roger, M. Letts

Evaluation of laparoscopic skills: a 2-year follow-up during residency training
A.M. Derossis, M. Antoniuk, G.M. Fried

Does percutaneous fine-needle aspiration biopsy aid in the diagnosis and surgical management of lung masses?
M.J. Odell, K.R. Reid

Brief communications • Communications abrégées

Mycotic aneurysm of the suprarenal aorta due to Streptococcus pneumoniae: case report and literature review
N. Lussier, Y. Girouard, D. Chapleau

Endoscopic perforation of the rectum presenting initially as a change in voice
A.W. Kirkpatrick, J. Koo, A.H. Zalev, M.J. Burnstein, R.E.C. Warren

Successful treatment of Madura foot caused by Pseudallescheria boydii with Escherichia coli superinfection: a case report
R. Lexier, S.L. Walmsley

Surgical Cornucopia • Pot pourri

The Janes Surgical Society
S.E. O’Brien, A.W. Carrie, C.R. Palmer

Correspondence • Correspondance

Gallstones resulting from abdominal shotgun wound

Guide for managing breast lumps



Abstracts • Résumés

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