April 1998 • Avril 1998

Can J Surg 1998;41(2)

Editors’ View · Mot de la rédaction

Surgical education / Formation chirurgicale
J.P. Waddell

Quill on Scalpel · Plume et scalpel

Between a rock and a hard place. The plight of surgeons advocating progress through new technology
E.C. Poulin

Surgical Images · Imagier chirurgical

Aortoduodenal fistula
D.B. Glazier, A.M. Graham

Radiology for the Surgeon · Chirurgie et radiologie

Case 20. Presentation
R. Beecroft, D.H. Taves

Case 20. Diagnosis
R. Beecroft, D.H. Taves

Surgical Biology for the Clinician · Biologie chirurgicale pour le clinicien

Host response to laparoscopic surgery: mechanisms and clinical correlates
D.J. Hackam, O.D. Rotstein

MacLean-Mueller Prize · Prix MacLean-­Mueller

An analysis of open reduction of irreducible supracondylar fractures of the humerus in children
P. Fleuriau-Chateau, W. McIntyre, M. Letts

Original Articles · Articles originaux

The carpal stretch test
R.A.K. Reynolds, G.H.F. Johnston, L. Friedman

The role of diagnostic block in the management of Morton’s neuroma
A.S.E. Younger, R.J. Claridge

Surgical treatment of hydatid cysts of the lung: analysis of 405 patients
O.K. Salih, M.S. Topcuoglu, S.K. Çelik, T. Ulus, A. Tokcan

A prospective comparison of the costs of reusable and limited-reuse laparoscopic instruments
J.-G. DesCôteaux, K. Blackmore, L. Parsons

Metabolic monitoring during continuous warm- and cold-blood cardioplegia by means of myocardial tissue pH and PO2
M. Carrier, S. Trudelle, A. Khalil, L.C. Pelletier

Balloon pyloroplasty in children with delayed gastric emptying
P.L. Skarsgard, G.K. Blair, G. Culham

Case Reports · Études de cas

Necrotizing fasciitis of the retroperitoneum: an unusual presentation of Group A Streptococcus infection
B. Devin, A. McCarthy, R. Mehran, C. Auger

Laparoscopic resection of an intra-abdominal cystic mass: a cystic mesothelioma
D.W. Birch, A. Park, V. Chen

Correspondence · Correspondance

The utility of the surgical clerkship elective
D.M. Sheps, H.S. Stern

Ethical allocation of surgical resources
D.W.C. Johnston

Books and other media received/Livres et autres documents reçus


Book reviews/Critiques de livres