February 1997 • Février 1997

Can J Surg 1997;40(1)

Editors’ View / Mot de la rédaction

Editorship in transition / Changements à la rédaction
J.P. Waddell

Quill on Scalpel / Plume et scalpel

Mandatory exploration or observation for penetrating neck injuries?
G.E. O’Keefe, R.V. Maier

Early hospital discharge and home care.
Mostafa M. Elhilali

Surgical Images / Imagier chirurgical

Hepatoma, paroxysmal dyspnea and diaphragmatic hump.
David P. Girvan, Nis Schmidt

Radiology for the Surgeon / Chirurgie et radiologie

Case 13. Presentation.
B.D. Mott, L.A. Stein, J.L. Meakins

Case 13. Diagnosis.
B.D. Mott, L.A. Stein, J.L. Meakins

Surgical Practice / Pratique chirurgicale

Comparison of hemorrhoidal treatments: a meta-analysis.
H.M. MacRae, R.S. McLeod

Review Article/ Article de revue

Group A Streptococcus invasive infections: a review
Karl A. Weiss, Michel Laverdière

Original Articles / Articles originaux

Impact of infection by verotoxigenic Escherichia coli O157:H7 on the use of surgical services in a children’s hospital.
N. Cimolai, G.K. Blair, J.J. Murphy, G.C. Fraser

Penetrating and blunt neck trauma: 10-year review of a Canadian experience.
J.C. Irish, R. Hekkenberg, P.J. Gullane, D.H. Brown, L.E. Rotstein, P. Neligan, J. Ali

Caremap management for postoperative prostatectomy care at home: a comparative study.
D.E. Wilson, D.W. Jirsch, D.R. Mador, G.E. Halliwell, C.J. Raiwet, M.G. Grace, G.N. Predy, L.E. Redfern

Case Reports / Études de cas

The surgical and oncologic significance of the axillary arch during axillary lymphadenectomy.
A.J. Petrasek, J.L. Semple, D.R. McCready

Osteomyelitis of the spine due to Salmonella infection — conservative treatment with quinolone: a case report.
Hon-For Tsui, Kwok-Hing Chiu, Kwok-Sui Leung

Sarcoma of bone-cement membrane: a case report and review of the literature.
R.S. Bell, S. Hopyan, A.M. Davis, R. Kandel, A.E. Gross

A rare case of hip dislocation after internal fixation of a femoral neck fracture without infection.
D. Younge, P.A. Loisel

Mobile tumours in the lumbar spinal canal: a diagnostic problem.
G. Varughese, R. Mazagri

Spontaneous internal herniation through the foramen of Winslow: a case report.
C.C. Chung, K.L. Leung, W.Y. Lau, A.K.C. Li


Books received / Livres Reçus

Book reviews / Critique de livres

Cancer surgery
L.E. Rotstein

Operative laparoscopy and thoracoscopy
J. Koo

Review for surgery: scientific principles and practice.
D. McRitchie

The Stanford manual of cardiopulmonary transplantation
R. L. Goodman and S.H. Keshavjee

Surgery of the chest
R. Kennedy, T.R. Todd


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