April 1996 • Avril 1996

Can J Surg 1996;39(2)

Editors’ View / Mot de la rédaction

The visibility of CJSLa visibilité du JCC
R.G. Keith

Quill on Scalpel / Plume et scalpel

The loin pain-hematuria syndrome
Y. Taguchi

Surgery in the elderly patient: a time for reappraisal
J.-L. Caron

Surgical Images / Imagier chirurgical

Multiple endocrine neoplasia type IIB
N. Schmidt

Radiology for the Surgeon / Chirurgie et radiologie

Case 8. Presentation
L.A. Stein

Case 8. Diagnosis
L.A. Stein

Original Articles / Articles originaux

Indications for intensive care unit care after carotid endarterectomy
L. Passerini

The impact and consequences of hip fracture in Ontario
S.B. Jaglal, P.G. Sherry, J. Schatzker

Validity of visual inspection of diagnostic peritoneal lavage fluid
K.W. Gow, L.P. Haley, P.T. Phang

Renal autotransplantation in patients with loin pain-hematuria syndrome
J.P. Karvelas, E.W. Ramsey

Relation between clinical and mammographic diagnosis of breast problems and the cancer/biopsy rate
E.E. Sterns

Reuse of disposable laparoscopic instruments: cost analysis
J.-G. DesCôteaux, L. Tye, E.C. Poulin

The influence of age on the severity of peritonitis
J.M. Watters, J.M. Blakslee, R.J. March, M.L. Redmond

Case Reports / Études de cas

Brain tumour surgery in the elderly: a brief reappraisal
M. Bernstein

Delayed rupture of the spleen and streptokinase therapy
R. Nam, M.M. Carr, C.G. Jamieson

Surgical treatment of pancreatic cholera: a case report
A.W. Kirkpatrick, S.S. Hanna, B.A.J. Skinner

Combined endarterectomy of the internal carotid artery and persistent hypoglossal artery: an unusual case of carotid revascularization
R. Cartier, P. Cartier, G. Hudon, M. Rousseau

Intra-arterial fibrinolytic treatment for mesenteric arterial embolus: a case report
S.T.M. Kwauk, J.H. Bartlett, P. Hayes, K.C. Chow

Correspondence / Correspondance

Book reviews / Critiques de livres

Books received / Livres reçus