Supplement – Mobile Trauma Care Close to the Point of Injury: Canadian Armed Forces Health Services

Can J Surg 2018;61(6) Supplement

Foreword • Préface

A.M.T. Downes

A.M.T. Downes

Editorial • Éditorial

Introduction: combat damage-control resuscitation/surgery and beyond
R.L. Kao

Commentary * Commentaire

Proposed specifications of a mobile operating room for far-forward surgery
J. Leasiolagi, T. Holton, K. Doyle, L. Parkinson, R.L. Kao, V.C. McAlister

Care of victims of suicide bombing
R.L. Kao, V.C. McAlister

Research • Recherche

A novel REBOA system: prototype and proof of concept
S.A. Smith, V.C. McAlister

Utilization profile of the Canadian-led coalition Role 2 Medical Treatment Facility in Iraq: the growing requirement for multinational interoperability
M.P. DaCambra, R.L. Kao, C. Berger, V.C. McAlister

Impact of traumatic upper-extremity amputation on the outcome of injury caused by an antipersonnel improvised explosive device
S.A. Smith, M.P. DaCambra, V.C. McAlister

The effect of aerosolized indomethacin on lung inflammation and injury in a rat model of blunt chest trauma
R.L. Kao, W. Huang, C.M. Martin, T. Rui

Review • Revue

Reflections on recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of injured service members and veterans from a bio-psychosocial-spiritual perspective
M. Besemann, J. Hebert, J.M. Thompson, R.A. Cooper, G. Gupta, S. Brémault-Phillips, S.J. Dentry

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Novel use of FaceTime video calling in a deployed setting to assist with the care of a military working dog
B. Donham, M.L. Wickett