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Research * Recherche

Development of a simple multidisciplinary arthroplasty wound-assessment instrument: the SMArt Wound Tool
S.S. Kooner and colleagues
(First published August 1, 2018)

e-Consent: approaching surgical consent with mobile technology
A. Bethune and colleagues
(First published August 1, 2018)

Role of the status of the mesorectal fascia in the selection of patients with rectal cancer for preoperative radiation therapy: a retrospective cohort study
M. Simunovic and colleagues
(First published August 1, 2018)

Retirement plans and perspectives among general surgeons: a qualitative assessment
L. Gotlib Conn and F.C. Wright
(First published August 1, 2018)

Physical fitness of medical residents: Is the health of surgical residents at risk?
D.L. Perrin and colleagues
(First published August 1, 2018)

Review * Revue

Can pain catastrophizing be changed in surgical patients? A scoping review
E. Gibson and M.T. Sabo
(First published August 1, 2018)

Debate and Consensus

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