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Can J Surg 2020 Jan-Feb;63(1)

Research • Recherche

Postoperative opioid-prescribing patterns among surgeons and residents at universityaffiliated hospitals: a survey study
A. Goel, A. Feinberg, B. McGuiness, S. Brar, S. Srikandarajah, E. Pearsall, R. McLeod, H. Clarke

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Surgeon attitudes toward point of care ultrasound for biliary disease: a nationwide Canadian survey
J. Koichopolos, R. Hilsden, F. Myslik, D. Thompson, J. Vandelinde, R. Leeper

Necessity is the mother of invention: William Stewart Halsted’s addiction and its influence on the development of residency training in North America
J.R. Wright Jr., N.S. Schachar

Development of a clinical pathway for enhanced recovery in colorectal surgery: a Canadian collaboration
L.M. Gramlich, B. Surgeoner, G. Baldini, E. Ballah, M. Baum, F. Carli, A.A. Karimuddin, G. Nelson, P. Richebé, D. Watson, C. Williams, C. LaFlamme, Enhanced Recovery Canada