Current Issue

Can J Surg 2020 September-October;63(5)

Commentary • Commentaire

Addressing the mental health of Canadians waiting for elective surgery: a potential positive post-pandemic legacy
S.M. Wiseman, T. Crump, E. Cadesky, J.M. Sutherland

Joint replacements in the Canadian Armed Forces
M. Talbot

Research • Recherche

Impact on cardiac surgery volume of a comprehensive partnership with Integrated Health Solutions
A. Watling, J. Doucet, M. Zohrabi, J. Fedirko, A. Hassan, S. Lutchmedial, J. MacLeod, Z. Pozeg, C. Brown, J-F. Légaré

Evaluation of trauma resources in rural northern Alberta identifies opportunities for improvement
H.Y. Jiang, A. MacLean, J. Yoon, S. Hughes, M.J. Kim, R.V. Anantha, S.L. Widder; on behalf of the Edmonton Zone Trauma and Acute Care Collaborative (EZ-TRACC)

General surgery in Canada: current scope of practice and future needs
T. Schroeder, C. Sheppard, D. Wilson; C. Champion, S. DiMillo, R. Kirkpatrick, S. Hiscock, R. Friesen, L. Smithson, P. Miles

Direct anterior versus posterior approach for total hip arthroplasty: a multicentre, prospective, randomized clinical trial
K. Moerenhout, P. Derome, G.Y. Laflamme, S. Leduc, H.S. Gaspard, B. Benoit

Discussions in surgery • Discussions en chirurgie

Modelling the backlog of COVID-19 cases for a surgical group
D.M. Brandman, E. Leck, S. Christie

Conducting an international curriculum review meeting in the age of COVID-19
R. Lett, R. Bola, R. Boniface, G. Eamer, G. Gathecha


Correction to “Sustainability of an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery initiative for elective colorectal resections in a community hospital”